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/kə'dʒoʊl/ v.
(फुसलाना) influence or urge by gentle urging or flattering

Spelling Word: cajole
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/'koʊdʒənt/ a. Syn. convincing
(ठोस) reasonable and convincing; based on evidence; forcefully persuasive

Spelling Word: cogent
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/dɛlɪ'tɪərɪəs/ a. Syn. harmful
(हानिकारक) having harmful effect; injurious; having quality of destroying life; noxious; poisonous

Spelling Word: deleterious
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/dɪ'mjʊə(r)/ a. Syn. grave; serious
(संकोची) modest and reserved in manner or behavior

Spelling Word: demure
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/ɪ'gri:dʒəs/ a. Syn. notorious
(प्रबल) notorious; conspicuously bad or shocking

Spelling Word: egregious
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/'ɛkspɪeɪt/ v. Syn. atone
(expiate) make amends or pay the penalty for; relieve or cleanse of guilt

Spelling Word: expiate
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/hə'ræŋ/ n.
(भाषण) noisy speech; speech or piece of writing with strong feeling or expression

Spelling Word: harangue
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/hɪ'gɛmənɪ/;/'hɛdʒɛmoʊnɪ/ n.
(आधिपत्य) domination, influence, or authority over another, especially by political group or nation over others

Spelling Word: hegemony
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/ɪn'vɛktɪv/ n. Syn. abuse
(फटकार) abusive language used to express blame or ill will

Spelling Word: invective
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/dʒʌkstəpə'zɪʃən/ n. Syn. apposition
(मुक़ाबला) act of positioning close together; side-by-side position

Spelling Word: juxtaposition