Dolch Sight Words PDF Worksheet

Print Dolch sight words list and its practice worksheets that cover kindergarten (pre-primer and primer) and low grades of elementary school. Hundreds of PDF files are organized by grade and available to download and print. Go to your grade, you will see lots of worksheets that are great assets to offline class, hand job, face to face lesson, and traditional assessment. In addition to PDF format, all these worksheets are also offered in HTML format.
 Document Types & PDF Quick Access
Online interactive flash cards, activities, and games are efficient tools for young children to learn new words. However, offline exercise or traditional hand and mouth training are still fundamental ways to study language, especially for starters at kindergarten and low grades of elementary school. Besides, teachers and parents used to monitor and check kids' work and progress by worksheets.

Students, tutors, and parents all need printable worksheets. This is why we designed and made lots of printable Dolch sight words materials, which match with words in 5 groups: Pre-primer, Primer, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, and 3rd Grade. In each group, 5 document types are available to download and print.

  • Word List: 1 or 2 pages to list words for each group; 2 groups are for kindergarten: pre-primer and primer; 3 groups for elementary school: grade 1, 2, and 3. Sample
  • Word Card: Want to do offline training? Print paper cards for words of each grade and show them on real desktop of classroom. Sample
  • Spelling Sheet: A very useful worksheet to practice handwriting by each grade; it lets kids to learn how to write Dolch sight words, which cannot be done online; Sample
  • Fill in: Complete words, an easy and simple game, helps to review learnt words; it's also an effective handwriting exercise and assessment tool; Sample
  • Word Match: Offline worksheet to memorize and recognize words; it's sort of leisure games and is also a good way to practice handwriting. Sample
In general, you can find a printable worksheet and view its content by grade, document type, and page number. Each worksheet is available to print in both PDF and HTML formats. PDF has higher quality but you need a PDF reader to open it. HTML is shown and printed in browsers, you can print it without any prerequisite. At Worksheet print form, you can see two buttons 'In PDF' and 'In HTML'.Click one of them, the print job will start.

To help access Dolch PDF files quickly, we list main files here.

Print Pre-Primer PDF & HTML Files
List for Pre-Primer Print PDF List for Pre-Primer  P1 
Card for Pre-Primer Print PDF Card for Pre-Primer  P1   P2   P3   P4   P5   P6 
Spelling for Pre-Primer Print PDF Spelling for Pre-Primer  P1   P2   P3   P4 
Fill in for Pre-Primer Print PDF Fill in for Pre-Primer  P1   P2   P3   P4   P5   P6   P7   P8   P9   P10   P11   P12   P13   P14   P15   P16   P17   P18   P19   P20 
Word Match for Pre-Primer Print PDF Word Match for Pre-Primer  P1   P2   P3   P4   P5   P6   P7   P8   P9   P10   P11   P12   P13   P14   P15   P16   P17   P18   P19   P20 
Print Primer PDF & HTML Files
List for Primer Print PDF List for Primer  P1 
Card for Primer Print PDF Card for Primer  P1   P2   P3   P4   P5   P6 
Spelling for Primer Print PDF Spelling for Primer  P1   P2   P3   P4 
Fill in for Primer Print PDF Fill in for Primer  P1   P2   P3   P4   P5   P6   P7   P8   P9   P10   P11   P12   P13   P14   P15   P16   P17   P18   P19   P20 
Word Match for Primer Print PDF Word Match for Primer  P1   P2   P3   P4   P5   P6   P7   P8   P9   P10   P11   P12   P13   P14   P15   P16   P17   P18   P19   P20 
Print 1st Grade PDF & HTML Files
List for Grade 1 Print PDF List for Grade 1  P1 
Card for Grade 1 Print PDF Card for Grade 1  P1   P2   P3   P4   P5   P6 
Spelling for Grade 1 Print PDF Spelling for Grade 1  P1   P2   P3   P4 
Fill in for Grade 1 Print PDF Fill in for Grade 1  P1   P2   P3   P4   P5   P6   P7   P8   P9   P10   P11   P12   P13   P14   P15   P16   P17   P18   P19   P20 
Word Match for Grade 1 Print PDF Word Match for Grade 1  P1   P2   P3   P4   P5   P6   P7   P8   P9   P10   P11   P12   P13   P14   P15   P16   P17   P18   P19   P20 
Print 2nd Grade PDF & HTML Files
List for Grade 2 Print PDF List for Grade 2  P1 
Card for Grade 2 Print PDF Card for Grade 2  P1   P2   P3   P4   P5   P6 
Spelling for Grade 2 Print PDF Spelling for Grade 2  P1   P2   P3   P4 
Fill in for Grade 2 Print PDF Fill in for Grade 2  P1   P2   P3   P4   P5   P6   P7   P8   P9   P10   P11   P12   P13   P14   P15   P16   P17   P18   P19   P20 
Word Match for Grade 2 Print PDF Word Match for Grade 2  P1   P2   P3   P4   P5   P6   P7   P8   P9   P10   P11   P12   P13   P14   P15   P16   P17   P18   P19   P20 
Print 3rd Grade PDF & HTML Files
List for Grade 3 Print PDF List for Grade 3  P1   P2 
Card for Grade 3 Print PDF Card for Grade 3  P1   P2   P3   P4   P5   P6   P7   P8 
Spelling for Grade 3 Print PDF Spelling for Grade 3  P1   P2   P3   P4   P5   P6 
Fill in for Grade 3 Print PDF Fill in for Grade 3  P1   P2   P3   P4   P5   P6   P7   P8   P9   P10   P11   P12   P13   P14   P15   P16   P17   P18   P19   P20 
Word Match for Grade 3 Print PDF Word Match for Grade 3  P1   P2   P3   P4   P5   P6   P7   P8   P9   P10   P11   P12   P13   P14   P15   P16   P17   P18   P19   P20