Dolch Words - PDF Worksheets

Here we help tutors and parents to make printable worksheets for Dolch sight words, which cover kindergarten (pre-primer and primer) and low grades of elementary school. Through modern browsers, like Chrome, you can easily print PDF worksheets on demand. Go to your grade; lots of sheets that are available to offline class, face to face lessons, and traditional assessment.
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 Printable Worksheet Types & Quick Access
Printable Worksheet Types
Online interactive flashcards, activities, and games are efficient tools for young children to learn new words. However, offline exercise or traditional hand and mouth training are still fundamental ways to study language, especially for starters at kindergarten and low grades of elementary school. Besides, tutors and parents used to monitor and check kids' work and progress by worksheets.

Students, tutors, and parents all need printable worksheets. It is why we designed and made lots of printable Dolch sight words materials, which match with words in 5 groups: Pre-primer, Primer, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, and 3rd Grade. In each group, 5 document types are available to download and print.

  • Word List: It shows words for each group; 2 groups are for kindergarten: pre-primer and primer; 3 groups for elementary school: grade 1, 2, and 3. Sample
  • Word Card: Want to do offline training? You can print paper cards for words of each grade and use them on real desktop of classroom. Sample
  • Spelling Sheet: A very useful worksheet to practice handwriting for each grade, it lets kids to learn how to write Dolch sight words, which cannot be done online. Sample
  • Fill in: Complete words, an easy and simple game, helps to review learnt words; it's also an effective handwriting exercise and assessment tool. (You can produce it dynamically, one page per request.) Sample
  • Word Match: Offline worksheet to memorize and recognize words; it's sort of leisure games and is also a good way to practice handwriting. (You can produce it dynamically, one page per request.) Sample
In general, you can select grade and make a printable worksheet on demand. Under modern browsers, like Chrome, each sheet is available to print in PDF formats. PDF has higher quality, but you need a PDF reader to open it. In fact, the produced worksheets initially show in HTML, and you can print them without any prerequisite from any browsers.

Printable Worksheet Quick Access
Print Pre-Primer PDF Files
List for Pre-Primer  Worksheet
Card for Pre-Primer  Worksheet
Spelling for Pre-Primer  Worksheet
Fill In for Pre-Primer  Worksheet
Word Match for Pre-Primer  Worksheet
Print Primer PDF Files
List for Primer  Worksheet
Card for Primer  Worksheet
Spelling for Primer  Worksheet
Fill In for Primer  Worksheet
Word Match for Primer  Worksheet
Print 1st Grade PDF Files
List for 1st Grade  Worksheet
Card for 1st Grade  Worksheet
Spelling for 1st Grade  Worksheet
Fill In for 1st Grade  Worksheet
Word Match for 1st Grade  Worksheet
Print 2nd Grade PDF Files
List for 2nd Grade  Worksheet
Card for 2nd Grade  Worksheet
Spelling for 2nd Grade  Worksheet
Fill In for 2nd Grade  Worksheet
Word Match for 2nd Grade  Worksheet
Print 3rd Grade PDF Files
List for 3rd Grade  Worksheet
Card for 3rd Grade  Worksheet
Spelling for 3rd Grade  Worksheet
Fill In for 3rd Grade  Worksheet
Word Match for 3rd Grade  Worksheet