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5000 GRE Words Level 2 - 3: Print Flashcard

v. place in grave or tomb; bury; place in earth and cover
n. communication; a mutual or reciprocal action; interacting
n. the time between one event, process; interval of time
n. a short entertainment on the stage between the acts of a play, or between the play and the afterpiece
n. act of suspending activity temporarily; interval during which there is a temporary cessation of something
n. the point where lines intersect; an act of intersecting
v. get involved; come, appear, or lie between two things
a. inward; internal with regard to a state or country; domestic; not foreign
n. act of making timid or fearful, of deterring by threats; state of being intimidated
a. not enduring; not able to endure; unwilling to tolerate difference of opinion
a. complex; elaborate; having many complexly arranged elements
n. inappropriate or unwelcome addition; infringement; violation; forcible inclusion or entry
a. seeing clearly; relating to, or arising from intuition; automatic, without requiring conscious thought
n. bill; commercial document issued by a seller to the buyer indicating the products, quantities, and prices
v. call upon; ask for; request earnestly
a. incapable of injury; impossible to damage, injure, or wound
n. nonmetallic element of the halogen group, always occurring in combination
n. a very small amount; a bit; ninth letter of the Greek alphabet
a. feeling or showing extreme anger; enraged
a. protected or covered with iron, as a vessel for naval warfare; rigid; solid or certain