Describe A Person You Know Who Likes To Cook For Others

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Topics of Task 1:
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Part 2
who this person is
My best friend, Meera, is the person I know who likes to cook for others. We ...(Available for VIP only.)
what they like to cook
Initially, I thought Meera only liked cooking her hometown's delicious food ...(Available for VIP only.)
how this person learned to cook
Maybe Meera also learned some from her parents. She mainly learned by herself ...(Available for VIP only.)
and explain why this person likes to cook for others.
Meera enjoys friends or family sharing her culinary skills and delights in the ...(Available for VIP only.)

Part 3
1. What do we need to prepare when we need to cook?
When preparing to cook, gather essential ingredients, measuring utensils, and ...(Available for VIP only.)
2. Do you agree that food is an important part of the festivals in your country?
Absolutely, food holds immense importance in Indian festivals. Each festival ...(Available for VIP only.)

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