Describe A Time When Your Computer Broke Down

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Part 2
Due to advancements in technology, computers have become an integral part of ...(Available for VIP only.)
when it was
Last year I came across such a situation. Due to the corona pandemic, my city ...(Available for VIP only.)
I was enjoying the new freedom I had by working from my residence.However, ...(Available for VIP only.)
what you did about it
I tried to fix the problem by using whatever little knowledge I had for ...(Available for VIP only.)
how long it took you to solve it
The damage was massive, and the engineer had to replace a few parts. It took ...(Available for VIP only.)
and how you felt about it
I got a sigh of relief when the system started working again. Since I was ...(Available for VIP only.)
Part 3
1. What do people use computers for?
In this contemporary epoch, the usage of computers has grown manifold, ...(Available for VIP only.)

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