Describe A Person Who Solved A Problem In A Smart Way

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Part 2
Everyone faces different kinds of problems in our life. While not everyone ...
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who the person is
The person who I would like to talk about is my niece.
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what the problem was
A few years ago, my dad got erythema near his ankle. He saw his doctor and got ...
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how the person solved the problem
One day, my niece knew it, just said: find some old socks and cut a hole in ...
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and explain why you think the person did it smartly
My niece is a high school student now, and she has always found easy and ...
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Part 3
1. Do you think children are born smart or learn to be smart?
Everyone is born with natural intelligence, intelligence comes from parents, ...
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2. What is the difference between a parent's and a teacher's role in a child's education?
Parents are the child's first role model. Children behave, react, and imitate ...
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Teachers' significant challenges are to nurture children's learning. The ...
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3. How can we help children realize their talents?
We should encourage the children's passions to expose the children to various ...
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4. Does the government provide enough support to education in your view?
I think the government tried its best to provide enough support for education ...
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