Describe A Place In The Countryside That You Visited

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Topics of Task 1:
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Part 2
A village is a great place to visit when you want away from the noise and ...(Available for VIP only.)
where it is
I visited the village in the countryside because my uncle's family lives there ...(Available for VIP only.)
when you visited this place
Ten years ago, it was a family trip on vacation. We had planned long ago to ...(Available for VIP only.)
what you do there
Those were amazing days in the countryside. We were busy and excited every day ...(Available for VIP only.)
and explain how you feel about it
When we reached the village, I understood why my uncles' family didn't move to ...(Available for VIP only.)
Part 3
1. Is there anything special about the countryside in your country?
The countryside is perfect for those who like to be close to nature and have ...(Available for VIP only.)

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