Describe A Positive Change That You Made In Your Life

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Part 2
No change is temporary, change is eternal, and the world is constantly ...(Available for VIP only.)
what the change was
In primary school, I found that most of my classmates finished school ...(Available for VIP only.)
when it happened
It was Spring, and our grade 6 had a two-day field trip out of town, but I ...(Available for VIP only.)
how it happened
Although I bowed in apology as soon as I got in the car, it was embarrassing ...(Available for VIP only.)
and explain why it was a positive change
Time management is an essential life skill that takes time to develop. In the ...(Available for VIP only.)
1. Is it easy for older people to change?
Being adaptable is very much a personal trait, not so much age-related. Older ...(Available for VIP only.)
2. How can people change their daily routine if they want to?
Routine and its changing are in your hands. To change your daily routine, you ...(Available for VIP only.)

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