Describe A Special Day Out That Cost You Little Money

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Part 2
when the day was
It was last summer after the government announced the new Covid19 policy that ...
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where you went
We went to the park to have the small party at about 11:00 am next Saturday. ...
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how much you spend
My friends and I brought the food that followed the arrangement we made: ...
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and explain how you feel about the day.
The party was meaningful to all of us because we had the chance to meet each ...
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1. Do people like to spend their leisure time out in your country?
Yes. Today, people in my country like to spend their leisure time out very ...
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2. How do people spend their leisure time in your country?
As I mentioned, some people spend their leisure time doing outdoor activities, ...
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3. How does technology affect the way people spend their leisure time?
Technology has enhanced the quality of their leisure time, making it possible ...
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4. Do you think only older people have time for leisure?
I don't think so. It is true for older people to have more time for leisure, ...
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