Describe A Thing You Did To Learn Another Language

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Part 2
what language you learn
I learned a foreign language that is Spanish. Spanish is the world's fourth ...
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what you did
I registered for a course at a language institute in my city to learn this ...
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how it helped you learn the language
Duolingo application has helped me a lot of practice speaking Spanish, and the ...
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and how you felt about it
I have learned Spanish for two years, and I am delighted that now I can easily ...
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1. Do you think learning a language is important?
In this globalized era, I think Learning a new language gives individuals more ...
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2. What difficulties do people face when learning a language?
While learning, some individuals have problems regarding pronunciation, ...
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3. What's the best way to learn a language?
Nowadays, technology provides the utmost methods to learn a particular ...
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4. Which is better, to study alone or in a group? Why?
It depends on a person's personal choice, like some people have a hobby to ...
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