Describe A Time When You Tried To Do Something But It Was Not Very Successful

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Part 2
Everyone faces success and failure in their life. If one faces failure in ...
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what and when you tried to do
Here I would like to talk about a time when I made efforts to complete my task ...
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why you failed to do it
I used many materials such as cardboard, broken bangles, used wires, cotton ...
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It took a long time to make all these things done. I thought I had completed ...
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and how you felt about it.
I was distraught and sad when I saw everything on the floor. My whole effort ...
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Part 3
1. Is it important to have goals in life in order to feel happy?
Yes, because setting goals helps trigger our new behaviors, helps guides our ...
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2. In general, how do people judge or assess the success of others?
Most people have judged others on salary package, the neighborhood of ...
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3. Do you think that mistakes can help people achieve the greatest success?
Yes, mistakes can help a lot in becoming successful in life. People learn from ...
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4. What are the reasons for failure?
I believe that some of the major causes leading to failure are: lack of ...
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5. Which do you think is more important, academic success or success in more practical everyday skills?
According to my, both are necessary. Academic Success gives them theoretical ...
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