Describe A Time When You Were Stuck In A Traffic Jam

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Part 2
Traffic jams of many vehicles close together and unable to move or move very ...(Available for VIP only.)
when and where it happened
Years ago, my family planned a summer vacation to Cancun. We got up early and ...(Available for VIP only.)
how long you were in the traffic jam
Firetrucks, ambulances, and police officers were on the spot. They moved ...(Available for VIP only.)
how you passed the time while waiting
We could do nothing except anxious and wait. I looked at my watch countless ...(Available for VIP only.)
And explain how you felt when you were in that traffic jam.
It was too difficult for my family to wait anxiously for one and half hours on ...(Available for VIP only.)
1. When do traffic jams usually happen?
First, traffic jams usually happen mainly during rush hours. On the weekday, ...(Available for VIP only.)

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