Describe An Argument Two Of Your Friends Had

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Part 2
Well, nowadays, arguments among individuals are quite common due to different ...
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what it was about
Here, I would like to talk about a time when my two best friends argued with ...
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when it happened
Actually, three months back, my friends and I made a plan to spend some ...
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When we got together, we started discussing our day-to-day activities. After a ...
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how it was solved
Finally, I interrupted them and made them understand that both of these ...
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and how you felt about it.
I must say such arguments keep on happening between friends every day, which ...
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Part 3
1. Do you think arguments are important?
Of course, arguments are crucial in many ways. We can express our feelings to ...
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2. What do family members generally argue about?
As far as I know, arguments among family members are part and parcel of life. ...
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3. Is it easier for you to have arguments with your friends or your family members?
Well, I personally believe that arguments with friends are easier than with ...
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4. Do you think people should change the way they think when they have arguments?
I think individuals should make a positive change in their thinking after ...
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5. If two people argue, do you think a third person should be involved in the settlement?
Certainly, it's a good idea to involve a third person when two people are ...
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6. Why do you think people are stubborn and unwilling to change?
Some individuals have ego problems and are self-centered, so they do not like ...
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