Describe An Interesting Neighbor

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Part 2
who this person is
The neighbor I find the most interesting is an older man called Mr. Karl. He's ...
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how you know this person
Mr. Karl has lived next door to my landlord for as long as. I saw him almost ...
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what he or she does
Mr. Karl had retired for years when I moved to this room of my landlord. Most ...
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He enjoys gardening and spending lots of time in his garden. One day, I found ...
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He did his best to help other neighbors, and I remember him getting up early ...
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and explain why you think this person is interesting
I think he is a friendly and warmhearted person. I learn a lot about plants ...
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1. Do you have a good relationship with your neighbors?
Yes. I am lucky to live in a friendly community. I have a good relationship ...
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2. Do you think neighbors are essential?
Of course. First, your neighbors are likely to be the first helpers if your ...
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3. How can we improve our relationships with neighbors?
Here are some ways to improve our relationships with neighbors: Saying hello ...
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