Describe An Occasion When You Had To Do Something In A Hurry.

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Topics of Task 1:
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Part 2
What it was
One occasion when I had to act quickly was during my final year of university ...(Available for VIP only.)
When it happened
It happened last spring, just a few days before the deadline. I had been ...(Available for VIP only.)
How you finished it
To finish it quickly, I repeatedly verified my algorithm and focused solely on ...(Available for VIP only.)
And explain how you felt about it.
The pressure to finish quickly pushed me to work harder and creatively problem ...(Available for VIP only.)

Part 3
1. On what occasions do people have to do things in a hurry?
People often find themselves in a hurry when facing deadlines at work or ...(Available for VIP only.)
2. Why do some people spend a long time having a meal?
Some individuals spend a long time having a meal due to cultural practices, ...(Available for VIP only.)

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