Describe Something That Helps You To Concentrate On Study Or Work

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Part 2
what it is
Classical music such as Johann Strauss II – The Blue Danube; Beethoven - Für ...
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when you do it
It's a habit I've had for many years, starting in high school. When studying ...
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how it helps you concentrate
This sort of classical music is so beautiful. It always brings me peace and ...
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and explain how you feel about it
I am a person who can not study in a noisy environment. So, calming, relaxing ...
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1. Why is it more difficult for children to concentrate nowadays than in the past?
Children are full of energy, and it's unrealistic to expect them to focus ...
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Today's world has become more difficult for children to concentrate than in ...
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First, We cannot deny the positive effects of modern technology on children's ...
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Second, it has become harder for children to concentrate in school and home ...
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2. Do you think technology will harm children's ability to concentrate?
Today, we have seen the positive effects of technology on child development, ...
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Technologies such as computers, smartphones, and tablets have invaded the ...
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The gams or programs may cause children sleeping disorders, and reduced sleep ...
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3. What kinds of jobs require high concentration at work?
All jobs require concentration, but some require high concentration at work, ...
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4. Can exercise help people improve concentration?
Exercising is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve ...
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