Describe Something You Cannot Live Without (not a computer/phone).

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Part 2
what it is
The thing I cannot live without is my glasses. It has been part of my daily ...(Available for VIP only.)
Every day the first thing I must do is get the glasses from the bedside desk ...(Available for VIP only.)
how long you have had it for
I've been wearing glasses since I was in middle school. Some day when I was in ...(Available for VIP only.)
how it helps you in your life
It helps me a lot. First, it changed my life: my blurry world became clear; I ...(Available for VIP only.)
and explain how you felt about it
Today, wearing glasses is common because more and more people realize that ...(Available for VIP only.)
1. Why are children attracted to new things (such as electronics)?
Children get attracted to new things because of their nature. They are always ...(Available for VIP only.)
2. Why do some grown-ups hate to throw out old things (such as clothes)?
It is hard to get rid of stuff for some grown-ups, although those old things ...(Available for VIP only.)

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