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 ACT Vocabulary List and Questions
No one doubts vocabulary level plays a key role in ACT test, or any other English examinations. When test day is coming, you are probably planning to enrich ACT vocabulary skill in order to have higher scores in related sections. In your planning, you must figure out 2 problems: which ACT vocabulary is right for you and how you study them. This cutting edge app, 1200 ACT words in 30 Days, brings answers of both to you.

ACT words are usually matched with reading and writing requirements of grade 12 and 11. However, there isn't an official ACT words list, and high school students's vocabulary accumulation isn't equal. So when you want to enhance ACT vocabulary, you should get a proper ACT words list at first.

If it's too easy, it cannot improve your vocabulary skill; if too rare, you may miss some relatively high frequency ACT words. This app has a built-in ACT words list of 12th grade's basic level. It is a must-have words list for students who are trying to get an average mark in ACT test. Quickly skim words in the app to check if this ACT words list is exactly what you need.

The 1200 words are grouped into 30 units. We assume that 1 unit needs 1 day to finish, so call 1200 ACT words in 30 day. Of course, study 1200 words in 30 days or one month seems too short for many students. You can spend 2 or 3 calendar days on one unit too. Namely, your schedule is quite flexible and doesn't limit in 30 days.

The app isn't only a words list; it has integrated modern education theory and information technology. Based on your progress it offers dynamic practice to support interactive studying and reviewing. Last but not least, the app saves your activities status, such as the passed words and last date of each unit; these data are used to create customized ACT word question sheet.

The smart app acts like a mentor to manage and push your building new ACT words. But you also have priority to control own schedule and unit sequence. As we know this app consists of 30 units, every unit is independent to study, and you even can study multiple units in parallel.

The app records your activities to make test sheet by your actual level and progress. So it needs you sign on at first. If don't sign on, you only see demo question sheets that only let you try app features and browse built-in ACT words, but cannot save any result. If you don't have account yet, we encourage you create one to enjoy all features of this fantastic tool.