4000 IELTS Words in 90 Days

Study and review proven IELTS vocabulary in fast way!

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4000 IELTS Words in 90 Days is a fast course of 3 months to help test takers prepare IELTS academic vocabulary. All words are categorized in 3 levels: basic, middle, and high. If you studied "IELTS 1200 Words in 30 Days" before, congratulations! It's the basic level of the app. You can continue your studying at basic level or go further levels to hunt better score.

Tens of thousands students have separate reasons to choose this app. We may share main points with you. At first, it has a proven IELTS words list for most common students. Even if test takers just want to get a passed band for admission of community college, like mark 5, these words are definitely deserved to spend time to master, because they are indeed high frequent in IELTS test papers.

This app has integrated modern education concept and information technology. It will push your studying with scientific algorithm and flexible schedule. We said this is a course of 90 days. If you are smart and hardworking enough, you can go with the original plan and finish all contents in 90 days. Actually, all words are grouped in 90 units; one unit is defined as one day's job. You can go with own pace definitely.

Some people think that vocabulary building is paper work on word list. It's a way of old school. Vocabulary building must rely on a proven word list. But this app has more: skip useless words, show definition of mother language, exercise on random, review under smart pattern, and sync data with cloud service. These features are integrated with modern information technology and education theory.

More or less you knew some words in the vocabulary. You should spend time only on new words and skip known ones. The app lets you do it: mark the word as Passed, which will be excluded from review list for ever. Besides, there are 2 other statuses: New, not touched; Known, studied and in scheduled review patterns. You can set or adjust statuses any time.

Usually, IELTS test taker isn't native English speaker, and your mother language is actually great asset to learn English language. Some students used to translate English word into home language to understand and memorize easily. The app offers definitions of 20 languages for each word. You can select own language and append its definitions to the English explanations.

Practice is the primary way to study new words. The app provides exercises for every word with 2 types: spelling and matching. You don't need extra worksheet, just move your fingers to create online practice. These practices are produced on your requesting dynamically. For example, if you are trying single selection matching for same word, you will see different options in every quiz.

Review is the heaviest task to study IELTS vocabulary. Do you want to save review time and work in high performance? Yes, all students want it. But how to do it? The app includes the finial answer. It has built-in smart seeker to find words that are studied and need to review on current day under an intelligent pattern. Just click a button, you will get the review list of right words within reasonable intervals. This feature will improve your efficiency dramatically.

May I store my data on cloud and share among multiple devices? Yes. The app offers strong cloud services: sync between local and server; run on pure browsers, Chrome and Safari. In fact, you can run the app on mainstream computer, tablet, and smart phone, and share study data among them. You also can run core features without sign on. In this case, you cannot enjoy cloud service.

Are you ready? Select your level and go ahead!

Note that sync data are limited to ONE level, namely current level, e.g. basic level. If you are going to sync all 3 levels, you have to select level and sync one by one.

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