1200 MCAT Words in 30 Days

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 MCAT Word List and Questions
For some smart guys, if you have one month to enhance MCAT words, please don't miss this great online tool. Just try it, you will agree with many other users: such a great online MCAT word practice tool!

Let's view the merits of this app. At first, we select the MCAT word list of 1200 for high score hunters. These words are in the MCAT exam by high frequency. All words are in 30 units, and one unit is for one day's job, so 30 days' hardworking will bring up your MCAT words to a higher rank.

Secondly, the word study/practice method is mainly to match a word into multiple options of explanation. The question sheets are created on your current progress and status, so you never see repeated test sheet when doing word exercise.

Thirdly, the app stores data of your activities for reference and analyze, such as how many words you passed and when did you practice for a particular unit.

This app needs to keep exercised words and save them for future reference, so signing is necessary to run any MCAT word exercise. If you don't sign on, the app cannot normally work because it cannot retrieve previous exercise data as well as save current ones. (If no effective signing, the app's main page shows demo MCAT question sheets, you may practice on it, but cannot save any exercise result.)