5000 TOEFL Words in 120 Days

Study and review proven TOEFL vocabulary in fast way!

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This app, 5000 TOEFL words in 120 days, is based on the famous "TOEFL 1200 words in 30 days", which was published at 2010 and has 100K+ users in chrome web store. It divides all words into 4 levels: basic, middle, high, and advanced. Each level has 30 lessons and total 120 lessons are supposed to be completed in 4 months.

Some TOEFL vocabulary apps are just a boring list, but this one isn't. Some great features powered by cutting edge web technology will help you study and review much efficiently.

At first, the app has a proven full words list that is suitable for most of TOEFL test takers. These words are fundamental for TOEFL test; no matter what levels you are in or what goals you are for, the vocabulary are definitely useful and deserved to spend time to study or review. The app is designed with scientific and flexible practice pattern. It's integrated with intelligent algorithm to implement modern English vocabulary training theory.

We list some highlights:

Multiple definitions: If English is your second language, the definitions of mother language usually helps you to understand new English words more precisely. Many ESL students used to study new English word by translation of home language. In the app there are 20 languages to select.

Skip words you don't need: You cannot get a word list that exactly matches with your circumstance. You probably knew some words well and never want to spend time on them again. In this case you may set them as Passed. In addition, there are 2 other statuses: New and Known, New means you don't deal with it yet, Known means you studied or reviewed before but plan to review it by schedule. The words' statuses can be adjusted anytime to keep your hard working in high efficiency.

Exercise online: Want to challenge the word? Spelling and meaning matching exercises are available for every word. For word-definition matching, the multiple options are produced dynamically and you never see repeated quiz.

Smart review: For new learned words, you have to review them from time to time. It's a hard job in vocabulary building. The app can pick up right words by right intervals to review. Just a click, a review word list will show in front of you in a scientific pattern.

Sync and save: The core features of the app can run without register, but register and sign on will bring great cloud services to your studying. If you have Chrome and Safari browsers, that are supported on computer, tablet, and mobile widely, you can sync data between local and server on demand, and work on various devices by sharing study data.

For cloud service, you should notice that sync object is limited to current level. If you plan to sync all 4 levels, please select one level and sync accordingly. Then repeat the operation on other levels.

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