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Essay Title: Should managers make all the company decisions?

Keywords or Topics: company, leadership

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Should managers make all the company decisions?
Answer 1
The debate over whether managers should make all company decisions or involve employees in the decision-making process reflects differing perspectives on leadership, organizational culture, and effective management practices. I think managers should play a key role in decision-making, but they should also listen to employees.

Some think centralized decision-making by managers ensures efficiency, accountability, and consistency within the organization. Managers, as appointed leaders with expertise and authority, are seen as best equipped to assess complex issues, weigh various factors, and make informed decisions in the company's best interest. It can expedite the decision-making process, streamline operations, and maintain strategic alignment with organizational goals. Furthermore, it fosters a clear chain of command, where managers bear ultimate responsibility for the outcomes of their decisions, promoting accountability and coherence in organizational direction.

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