Your Writing's Vocabulary Statistics

It's a handy tool for students and teachers to get vocabulary statistics for a writing object, an essay, a letter, or even a paragraph. Everyone has different patterns for using vocabulary. It reflects personal writing style and level. The tool can quickly find characteristics, especially shortcomings, in your writing, which help to sharpen your vocabulary skills accordingly.

Want to know your writing's lexical use, coherence, cohesion, and other characteristics? Input or copy/paste your writing below; you can get the result with a click.
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Your Writing's Statistics and Comments
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  1. Please select an Analysis Type before submitting a request. Different types may cause different contents to be returned.
  2. The inputted text should be less than 2000 words. If more than the limit, the end will be truncated without warning.
  3. The linguistic analysis algorithm is based on word stems. For example, 'book' and 'books' are both taken as 'book.' So, the high-frequency word ratio will be a little more than the actual use, e.g., by stems, the most common 1000 words will be up 1-2 percent.
  4. The feature doesn't need to be signed on and is open to all users. Your text will be sent to the cloud, but we don't save it after analyzing it in any case.
 Your Writing's Vocabulary Statistics
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