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Essay Title: Have computer games little educational value and more harmful effects?

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Have computer games little educational value and more harmful effects?
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The unprecedented growth of technology has changed every aspect of life, and the computer game is one of them. These days youngster spends quite a of time playing a computer game on their mobile phones and computer screens. The abundance of people argues that it harms people's lives and time-consuming activities, whereas opponents advocate that it is a way of enjoyment. Although, in my view, it is more harmful to people, it has some advantages for them; I will share its merits and demerits in the upcoming paragraphs.

Undoubtedly, there are a number of opposing sides to computer games for all folks. First and foremost, it is vital for the new generation. They like to spend quality time after coming from school and college. It is a significant drawback for youngsters; they are always glued to electronic gadgets. As a result, it has a negative impact on the juvenile study. These days, the adolescent cannot concentrate on their study due to palm gadgets and obtain fewer marks in ...
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