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Essay Title: The advantages and disadvantages of new homes with private outdoor spaces

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The advantages and disadvantages of new homes with private outdoor spaces
Answer 1
Nowadays, people are pursuing a higher quality of life and a better-designed home. Some are inclined to buy new houses with private outdoor spaces such as gardens, yards, or balconies. I do not advocate their option because these outdoor leisure places may be responsible for safety risks; therefore, their disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

Admittedly, private outdoor areas provide some benefits for the owners, enabling them to enjoy gardening or fresh air without leaving home. It is comfortable and convenient to have a coffee on a lovely balcony or yard to relax. According to many real estate agents, the private-owned space also grants tenants some privacy, which is why homes with a balcony and garden have become increasingly popular.

However, open spaces in homes cause safety concerns since they are easy targets for thieves. Social research suggests that people who live in a house with a yard opt to leave the door unlocked, allowing criminals to enter effortlessly. The ...
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Answer 2
It is claimed by many that modern accommodation should be provided with outdoor spaces like parklands or lawns. While outdoor green areas could be beneficial for homeowners, they, at the same time, possess hidden drawbacks.

Proponents of the usefulness of outdoor green areas often point to the yards' countless benefits in front of the houses. Firstly, for many, it is a symbol of status. Many landlords are proud of the tidy lawn in front of their penthouses; this is the main reason why movie stars live in mansions with personalized outdoor spaces. Secondly, outdoor green spaces could bring a lot of fun for homeowners and their children. While the parents could organize a barbeque party in the behind yard and invite their colleagues and neighbors to celebrate the national holidays, their offspring at the same time could enjoy playing with the dog or lying on a lawn.

Nevertheless, considering some valuable benefits listed above, maintaining open-door spaces could be a considerable ...
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Answer 3
A few individuals believe that it is necessary to include private open-air space such as a garden, yard, or balcony to design a new home upon construction. In my opinion, this is more advantageous, and this essay will discuss why I said so.

Firstly, a landscape is essential. A building without a touch of green as plants is dull. It will not look like a house but a warehouse. Green ornaments will add beauty to a structure and keep the residents physically healthy by absorbing pollution in the environment, particularly in the air. Foliage also lessens sound pollution. In addition, it is suitable for mental health. Study shows that garden views prevent anxieties. Some people take morning coffee outdoors while breathing fresh air and enjoying the relaxing moments, thus keeping a person mentally healthy.

Secondly, it is a good place for hobbies like planting. Hence, taking advantage of the sun's benefits not only by the plants but also by the person with a green thumb cultivating ...
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