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Essay Title: Is traveling abroad necessary to learn about other countries?

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Is traveling abroad necessary to learn about other countries?
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There is a common belief that if people want to expand their knowledge of other countries, it is vital to visit them. This opinion might be relevant for affluent societies. However, for learning about diverse cultures and traditions, access to an Internet connection and TV is enough. Without a shadow of a doubt, I agree with this idea; thus, I will support my argument with various samples in this essay.

Internet connection is highly effective for enhancing comprehension in different countries. For instance, social platforms create a new opportunity for people to connect online. More than a billion users around the globe chat and share their experiences while at the same time updating others about unusual customs, beliefs, and traditions.

In addition to social networking, creative TV shows and news automatically make people aware of the world. The news on climate change, world conflicts, and the endless advertisements on prevalent drinking and cosmetics are proof of that. Also, ...
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