IELTS General Writing Task 2

IELTS writing tasks' topics, answers, and comments.

By Sana Khalid, 2018-01-21  
Band: NA (Total words: 240)
  • The essay is less than 250, doesn't match the basic criteria.
  • Suggest to refine coherence and cohesion by removing wordy linking words.
 IELTS General Writing Task 2 - Topic, Answer, and Comment
Television dominates the free-time for too many people. It can make people lazy and prevent them from socialising with others.

Do you agree or disagree?

Give reason for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.
Today media plays a crucial role in everyday life. People spend more and more time on favourite shows, soap operas and music programmes. I think it negatively impacts on our society. This not only halts social lives, leisure and recreational activities but in addition, also raises health concerns ultimately damaging numerous aspects of human life.

Media industry with its advancement is gaining interests of individuals day by day. However, person today prefers spending their time by relaxing in front of TV box rather than engaging themselves in physical and cognitive tasks. Furthermore, this lifestyle pattern gives rise to sedentary lifestyle, which makes people prone to various cardiac and life threatening disorders. In apropos to recent studies conducted, convincing evidence were reported stating a 45% upsurge in mortality and morbidity rate in this decade as compared to previous decade.

Today's generation have said to encounter several problems due to their poor interacting abilities. Every individual today regardless of age holds profound interests in TV programmes, games and social applications rather than exploring the outside world. As a result, humans today lack cognitive and interactive skills. For instance, recent studies have confirmed that about 39% of today's youth lack social, interactive and problem solving abilities as compared to their parents.

In conclusion, I strongly agree that progression in media field and technology usage have profound and detrimental effects on our society. As a consequence, our community is becoming increasingly disjointed and fragmented.