IELTS General Writing Task 2

IELTS writing tasks' topics, answers, and comments.

By Madhuri, 2019-01-26  
Band: NA (Total words: 327)
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 IELTS General Writing Task 2 - Topic, Answer, and Comment
In many countries children are engaged in different kinds of paid work. Some people regard this as completely wrong, while others consider it a valuable work experience, important for learning and taking responsibility.

What is your opinion?

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It is debatable issue whether paid work since childhood would be beneficial or useless to do. Many people argue that vast number of children tend to work to avail it's utmost experience, money and learning skills. While, others have some contrary views about it. I believe it provides tremendous change for individual in positive way.
To embark on, involuntary work for earning money can have asset on cv and make employee able to get more experience, which will be helping them to get more job opportunities in young age. For instance, different skills are required by multinational organizations and person with variety of experince and training will be prioritized over other employees holding same kind of education degrees. Moreover, it could improve confidence level, self achievement and fulfillment and adolescents enjoy their own earning and have a joyous to buy anything for loved ones.
On the other hand, few contradicts think that adults lose their productive duration of studies and spoil their childhood while, working for money from young age. Parents cater for ancesstors, but, if children work themselves then they could not concentrate completely on education and might be that would be distracting them from real goal of life. In Japan, strict rules are followed for adults that they donot utilize their time in labor work hence, it has brought efficient results that has improved litteracy ratio and higher degrees holders.
In conclusion, I believe, paid working conditions for children can have merits as it will help to get stamina for long hours work and person will be responsible for atleast basic things in life. But, it is true, no rose without thrones. Hence children should start first job after graduation period that can give them ample of time for studies.