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  1. Email is used to identify the author, and never be shown or uncovered in any circumstance. (If you have an account, please use the same email.)
  2. Pen name or code may be published if the essay will be shared in some cases. Besides, if you want to write/save more than one essay on the same topic, you should assign a separate pen name.
  3. Before you save or load the essay, even if on a local device, you must specify an email and pen name. (If you have an account, please use the same email.)
  4. You can save essay on local alone, and load it then. Suggest 'Save to local' until you finish the essay.
  5. 'Save my essay' will save to both the cloud and your local device. If you saved the essay before, the previous version will be overwritten.
  6. When you load from the cloud, your local version wouldn't be updated automatically, unless you click 'Save to local'.
  7. 'Clean input area' only wipes input box, doesn't update the storage of either the local or cloud.
  8. You can 'Submit to rate' a finished essay if you are in any active essay program. A tutor will rate/correct/comment it, and inform you. You cannot update any submitted essay again. If you want to practice the same question, please use another pen name to write a new one.
  9. If you want to remove any saved/submitted essay, you can 'Delete the essay' from the cloud.
  10. If you aren't a VIP user, the essay may be cleaned from the cloud after 100 days since your last submitting/updating.
 IELTS Academic Essay Practice - My Essay:
Some people think the government should pay for health care and education, but others believe it is not the government’s responsibility. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
Input Essay: (Please less than 350 words.)   
Who and when to rate my essay Who may possibly see my essay