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Letter Title: Write to your friend to reschedule another activity to replace a concert.

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Write to your friend to reschedule another activity to replace a concert.
Answer 1
Dear Amy,

I hope this letter finds you well. Thank you so much for inviting me to the concert next week; I was looking forward to it. Unfortunately, my life is a bit hectic right now, and I need time to collect more information next week because I must complete my report by the end of this month. I'm genuinely disappointed to miss out on such a fantastic event.

However, I would love to make it up to you by suggesting we plan another activity together. How about a movie night at my place? ...
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Essay Questions for Topic : miss appointment
1. Write to your new boss to explain why you won't be available to start on time.

2. Write to a friend to change the arrangement for your early invitation.

3. Write to your friend about missing the date with him that you have planned.

4. Write to apologize for a missed appointment last visit and reschedule a new date.

5. Write to a friend to apologize for missing his party and say how to avoid it.

6. Write to your friend to apologize that you can't attend the theater with him.