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Letter Title: Write to a friend to suggest local accommodation and sightseeing places

Keywords or Topics: trip ideas, go sightseeing

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Write to a friend to suggest local accommodation and sightseeing places.
Answer 1
Dear Anjali,

I was thrilled to receive your letter yesterday and pleased to learn that you'll be visiting my hometown, Mumbai, next week.

Now, I live in an apartment that I rented. It's a pleasure for me to accommodate you to stay with me. We'll have more happy times together.

In the daytime, when I go to work, you can do many activities during your visit, such as visiting the iconic Gateway of India stone arch on the Mumbai Harbour waterfront. Ancient cave temples are dedicated to the ...
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Letter Questions for Topic : trip ideas
1. Write to your friend about your region for trip planning.

2. Write to a friend to recommend the best times, places, and hotels in your town.

3. Write to a friend visiting a city that you are familiar with about trip ideas.

4. Write to your friend to suggest his parents' travel plan and anything you can do.

5. Write to a friend to describe your town and suggest a visit plan for him.

Letter Questions for Topic : go sightseeing
1. Write to a visitor to introduce your home and suggest places of interest to visit.