Writing Practice Online

The page is for users to practice writing skills online. You can input essays, letters, or any writings into the practice panel and save them to your local device or the website's cloud. You can also submit the finished ones for tutors to correct or mark. For details, see the Quick Help and Who may submit.

All users can access the local features. However, to save and access the cloud, you must create an account and sign on before your practice.
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Quick Help:
  1. Your email is used to identify the author, and never be shown or uncovered in any circumstance. (If you created an account on the website, please use the same email.)
  2. Your pen name or code hides your email when managing your writing. In some cases, it may be shown on pages.
  3. Before you save or load the writing, even if on a local device, you must specify an email and pen name. (If you have an account, using the same email helps upload to the cloud later.)
  4. Before practicing, please ensure the title is set correctly. If not, you can create a new one by Start new title. (It will create a new file ID accordingly.)
  5. You can save the writing on local alone and upload it after finishing. Suggest Save to local when drafting.
  6. Save my writing will save to both the cloud and your local device. If you saved the writing before, the previous version will be overwritten.
  7. When you Load from cloud, your local version will not be updated automatically unless you click Save to local.
  8. Clean input area only wipes the input box and does not update the storage on either the local or cloud.
  9. You can Submit to tutor a finished writing under an active account. Tutors will revise it according to the policy of your account type. (You cannot update any submitted writing again.)
  10. If you want to remove any saved or submitted writing, you can Delete the writing from the cloud.
  11. Your writings will be cleaned from the cloud after six months if your account is inactive.
  12. You can enter the My Writings webpage to manage all your saved and submitted writings.
 Writing Practice Panel
Title:  Start new title
To start a new title, you should click the above button to clean the practice panel. A new file ID ensures the cloud-saved files aren't overwritten.
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