200 Difficult Words - Group 1

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/ə'sɛtɪk/ a. Syn. austere; severe
(تپسوی) leading a life of self-discipline and self-denial; austere

Spelling Word: ascetic
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/'bʌtrɪs/ v. Syn. support
(buttress) support physically; prop up; support something or someone by supplying evidence

Spelling Word: buttress
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/'klɛmənsɪ/ n.
(شفقت) mildness, as of the weather; merciful, kind, or lenient act

Spelling Word: clemency
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/'koʊdʒənt/ a. Syn. convincing
(cogent) reasonable and convincing; based on evidence; forcefully persuasive

Spelling Word: cogent
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/kju:'pɪdɪtɪ/ n. Syn. greed
(حد سے زیادہ cupidity) greed; excessive desire, especially for wealth

Spelling Word: cupidity
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/dɛlɪ'tɪərɪəs/ a. Syn. harmful
(نقصان دہ) having harmful effect; injurious; having quality of destroying life; noxious; poisonous

Spelling Word: deleterious
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/ɪ'bʌlɪənt/ a.
(ebullient) showing excitement; overflowing with enthusiasm

Spelling Word: ebullient
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/ɪ'gri:dʒəs/ a. Syn. notorious
(پربل) notorious; conspicuously bad or shocking

Spelling Word: egregious
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/'ɛkskʌlpeɪt/ v.
(excoriate exculpate) pronounce not guilty of criminal charges

Spelling Word: exculpate
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/fə'leɪʃəs/ a. Syn. false; deceptive
(غلط) false; tending to mislead; deceptive

Spelling Word: fallacious