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/vɪ'kɛərɪəs/ a.
(vicarious) acting as substitute; done by deputy; experienced at secondhand
Many people get a vicarious thrill at the movies by imagining they are the characters on the screen.
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/vɪ'sɪsɪtud/ n.
(अन्याय) change, especially in one's life or fortunes; regular change or succession of one thing to another; alternation
Humbled by life's vicissitude, the last emperor of China worked as a lowly gardener in the palace over which he had once ruled.
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/'vɪlɪfaɪ/ v. Syn. slander
(गालियां देना) debase; degrade; spread negative information about
Waging a highly negative campaign, the candidate attempted to vilify his opponent's reputation.
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/'vɪskəs/ a. Syn. sticky; gluey
(चिपचिपा) sticky; gluey; having high resistance to flow
Melted tar is a viscous substance.
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/vɪtrɪ'ɒlɪk/ a. Syn. corrosive; sarcastic
(कटु) harsh or corrosive in tone; sarcastic; bitterly scathing
Any time that a simple request for evidence results in vitriolic personal attacks, or an attempt to censor, with no attempt to address the issue.
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/'wɒnt(ə)n/;/wɔ:ntən/ a. Syn. unrestrained; unchaste
(प्रचंड) unrestrained; willfully malicious; immoral or unchaste
Pointing to the stack of bills, Sheldon criticized Sarah for her wanton expenditures.
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/'wɪnsəm/ a. Syn. agreeable; gracious; engaging
(मनोहर) agreeable; gracious; charming, often in childlike or naive way
By her winsome manner, she made herself liked by everyone who met her.
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/'wɪstfəl/ a.
(उदास) full of wishful yearning or longing; sadly thoughtful
With a last wistful glance at the happy couples dancing in the hall, Sue headed back to her room to study for her exam.
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/'zɛnɪθ/ n. Syn. summit
(शीर्षबिंदु) point directly overhead in sky; summit
When the sun was at its zenith, the glare was not as strong as at sunrise and sunset.
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/'zɛfə(r)/ n.
(हलकी हवा) gentle breeze; west wind; any of various soft light fabrics, yarns, or garments
A blessing on a hot day in zephyr form, something to lift birds and kites and make sailboats cut beautifully through the water.
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