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Read [Esc] (1)
a. in manner of uncle, pertaining to uncle; kind, genial, benevolent or tolerant

Spelling Word: avuncular
Read [Esc] (2)
n. self-evident truth requiring no proof

Spelling Word: axiom
Read [Esc] (3)
a. sky blue; light purplish-blue

Spelling Word: azure
Read [Esc] (4)
a. drunken; relating to reveling and drunkenness

Spelling Word: bacchanalian
Read [Esc] (5)
n. teasing conversation; good-humored, playful conversation

Spelling Word: badinage
Read [Esc] (6)
n. legal officer to whom some degree of authority

Spelling Word: bailiff
Read [Esc] (7)
a. portending evil; harmful in intent or effect.

Spelling Word: baleful
Read [Esc] (8)
n. sudden loud noise, as of an explosion; sudden loud blow or bump; sudden burst of action

Spelling Word: bang
Read [Esc] (9)
a. being in the state of a barbarian; uncivilized; rude

Spelling Word: barbarous
Read [Esc] (10)
v. hit heavily and repeatedly with violent blows

Spelling Word: batter
Read [Esc] (11)
n. small, often round piece of material, such as glass, plastic, or wood, that is pierced for stringing or threading

Spelling Word: bead
Read [Esc] (12)
n. line traveled by a particle beam in an accelerator

Spelling Word: beamline
Read [Esc] (13)
a. completely happy and contented; showing or producing exalted joy

Spelling Word: beatific
Read [Esc] (14)
n. blessedness; state of extreme happiness

Spelling Word: beatitude
Read [Esc] (15)
v. adorn or ornament in a showy fashion

Spelling Word: bedeck
Read [Esc] (16)
ad. in advance; early; at an earlier or preceding time

Spelling Word: beforehand
Read [Esc] (17)
v. produce; give rise to

Spelling Word: beget
Read [Esc] (18)
v. mislead; delude; deceive by guile

Spelling Word: beguile
Read [Esc] (19)
n. something enormous in size or power

Spelling Word: behemoth
Read [Esc] (20)
v. besiege or attack; harass; surround with troops

Spelling Word: beleaguer
Read [Esc] (21)
a. warlike or hostile in manner or temperament; showing or having impulse to be combative

Spelling Word: bellicose
Read [Esc] (22)
n. blessing; invocation of divine blessing; expression of good wishes

Spelling Word: benediction
Read [Esc] (23)
v. surround with hostile forces; crowd around; cause to feel distressed or worried

Spelling Word: besiege
Read [Esc] (24)
n. large group; a group of animals or birds, especially larks or quail

Spelling Word: bevy
Read [Esc] (25)
a. suffering from indigestion; appearing as if affected by disorder; sickly

Spelling Word: bilious
Read [Esc] (26)
n. any of various naturally occurring impure mixtures of hydrocarbons

Spelling Word: bitumen
Read [Esc] (27)
n. loud, harsh roar or screech; dazzling blaze of light

Spelling Word: blare
Read [Esc] (28)
n. brilliant burst of fire; flame

Spelling Word: blaze
Read [Esc] (29)
a. depressing, sombre, cold

Spelling Word: bleak
Read [Esc] (30)
v. draw back, from lack of courage or resolution; turn pale, as if in fear

Spelling Word: blench
Read [Esc] (31)
v. to take by surprise

Spelling Word: blindside
Read [Esc] (32)
a. gay; joyous; carefree and lighthearted

Spelling Word: blithe
Read [Esc] (33)
a. rough and stormy; loud, noisy, and lacking in restraint or discipline

Spelling Word: boisterous
Read [Esc] (34)
v. support or prop up with or as if with a long narrow pillow or cushion

Spelling Word: bolster
Read [Esc] (35)
a. pompous; using inflated language; high-sounding but with little meaning

Spelling Word: bombastic
Read [Esc] (36)
a. handsome; beautiful; pretty; attractively lively and graceful

Spelling Word: bonny
Read [Esc] (37)
n. small enclosed compartment with a window, used to separate the occupant from others; small stall for the display and sale of goods

Spelling Word: booth
Read [Esc] (38)
n. any particle that obeys Bose-Einstein statistics but not the Pauli exclusion principle

Spelling Word: boson
Read [Esc] (39)
n. a collection of compromised computers that is slowly built up then unleashed as a DDOS attack or used to send very large quantities of spam

Spelling Word: botnet
Read [Esc] (40)
a. liberal in charity; disposed to give freely; generously liberal; beneficent; free in bestowing gifts

Spelling Word: bounteous
Read [Esc] (41)
n. liberality in giving; something that is given liberally; goodness, kindness

Spelling Word: bounty
Read [Esc] (42)
a. dull, slow-moving, and stolid, like an ox; placid and dull

Spelling Word: bovine
Read [Esc] (43)
n. an opening or tear; breaking of waves; a gap or rift

Spelling Word: breach
Read [Esc] (44)
n. headgear with which a horse is directed and which carries a bit and reins

Spelling Word: bridle
Read [Esc] (45)
a. full to the brim; completely full; ready to overflow

Spelling Word: brimful
Read [Esc] (46)
a. of brownish, tawny colour, with streaks, spots, or patterns

Spelling Word: brindled
Read [Esc] (47)
v. cook by direct exposure to heat over fire; subject to great heat; be subjected to the action of heat; be greatly heated

Spelling Word: broil
Read [Esc] (48)
n. children in one family; young of certain animals

Spelling Word: brood
Read [Esc] (49)
a. rustic; pastoral; agricultural; relating to country affairs, or to shepherd's life and occupation

Spelling Word: bucolic
Read [Esc] (50)
n. earthwork or other strong defense; person who defends

Spelling Word: bulwark
Read [Esc] (51)
v. to develop or grow rapidly

Spelling Word: burgeon
Read [Esc] (52)
v. make shiny by rubbing; polish

Spelling Word: burnish
Read [Esc] (53)
n. treasury, especially of a public institution or religious order; scholarship granted to a university student in need

Spelling Word: bursary
Read [Esc] (54)
v. support physically; prop up; support something or someone by supplying evidence

Spelling Word: buttress
Read [Esc] (55)
a. healthily plump and ample of figure; full-bosomed; vigorous; jolly

Spelling Word: buxom
Read [Esc] (56)
a. past; gone by

Spelling Word: bygone
Read [Esc] (57)
n. any of various succulent, spiny, usually leafless plants native mostly to arid regions

Spelling Word: cactus
Read [Esc] (58)
a. like corpse; pale; Having appearance or color of dead human body

Spelling Word: cadaverous
Read [Esc] (59)
v. influence or urge by gentle urging or flattering

Spelling Word: cajole
Read [Esc] (60)
a. youthful; immature; inexperienced; without feathers

Spelling Word: callow
Read [Esc] (61)
n. false statement maliciously made to injure another's reputation; slander

Spelling Word: calumny
Read [Esc] (62)
n. small box or case for tea, coffee, etc

Spelling Word: canister
Read [Esc] (63)
n. corroding or sloughing ulcer; anything which corrodes, corrupts, or destroy; disease incident to trees, causing the bark to rot and fall off

Spelling Word: canker
Read [Esc] (64)
v. remove parts of machine for use in other similar machines; consume another of one's own type or kind

Spelling Word: cannibalize
Read [Esc] (65)
a. ill humored; irritable; marked by ill-tempered contradiction or opposition; ugly; malicious

Spelling Word: cantankerous
Read [Esc] (66)
n. story or poem set to music that can be sung by chorus

Spelling Word: cantata
Read [Esc] (67)
a. capable of containing a large quantity; spacious or roomy

Spelling Word: capacious
Read [Esc] (68)
n. crime, especially theft, or a narrative about such a crime

Spelling Word: caper
Read [Esc] (69)
v. to use something to one's benefit for advantage

Spelling Word: capitalize
Read [Esc] (70)
v. surrender; end all resistance; give up; go along with or comply

Spelling Word: capitulate
Read [Esc] (71)
v. overturn or cause to overturn; turn over or upset

Spelling Word: capsize
Read [Esc] (72)
a. intended to confuse in an argument

Spelling Word: captious
Read [Esc] (73)
v. charm; enthrall; seize by force, as an enemy in war, or anything belonging to enemy

Spelling Word: captivate
Read [Esc] (74)
n. state or period of being imprisoned, confined, or enslaved

Spelling Word: captivity
Read [Esc] (75)
n. hard outer covering or case of certain organisms such as arthropods and turtles

Spelling Word: carapace
Read [Esc] (76)
a. of, relating to, or involving the heart and the blood vessels

Spelling Word: cardiovascular
Read [Esc] (77)
v. lean to one side, as a ship under press of sail; sway from side to side

Spelling Word: careen
Read [Esc] (78)
n. large reindeer native to northern North America

Spelling Word: caribou
Read [Esc] (79)
n. massive slaughter, as in war; massacre; corpses, especially of those killed in battle

Spelling Word: carnage
Read [Esc] (80)
n. a combination of independent business organizations formed to regulate production, pricing, and marketing of goods by the members

Spelling Word: cartel
Read [Esc] (81)
n. one who makes maps or charts

Spelling Word: cartographer
Read [Esc] (82)
v. criticize severely; punish; revise or make corrections to publication

Spelling Word: castigate
Read [Esc] (83)
n. an event resulting in great loss and misfortune; deluge or overflowing of water

Spelling Word: cataclysm
Read [Esc] (84)
v. increase the status of something rapidly; shoot forth or launch

Spelling Word: catapult
Read [Esc] (85)
n. disease of the eye causing its opacity and, unless treated, leading to blindness

Spelling Word: cataract
Read [Esc] (86)
a. absolute; having no exception; of using category or categories

Spelling Word: categorical
Read [Esc] (87)
v. make watertight by filling in cracks

Spelling Word: caulk
Read [Esc] (88)
v. criticise for petty or frivolous reasons; raise trivial objections

Spelling Word: cavil
Read [Esc] (89)
v. yield or formally resign and surrender to another

Spelling Word: cede
Read [Esc] (90)
n. swiftness of action or motion; speed

Spelling Word: celerity
Read [Esc] (91)
a. critical; addicted to censure; severe in making remarks on others, or on their writings or manners; implying or expressing censure

Spelling Word: censorious
Read [Esc] (92)
a. radiating; departing from the center

Spelling Word: centrifugal
Read [Esc] (93)
a. tending toward center; moving or directed toward center or axis

Spelling Word: centripetal
Read [Esc] (94)
a. intellectual rather than emotional

Spelling Word: cerebral
Read [Esc] (95)
n. act of cerebrating; thinking, mental activity

Spelling Word: cerebration
Read [Esc] (96)
n. yielding to another; ceding or surrendering

Spelling Word: cession
Read [Esc] (97)
n. anxiety caused by humiliation or injured pride; disappointment

Spelling Word: chagrin
Read [Esc] (98)
a. cautious; sparing or restrained about giving

Spelling Word: chary
Read [Esc] (99)
v. rid of excess; refine or purify; correct by punishment or reproof

Spelling Word: chasten
Read [Esc] (100)
v. punish, as by beating; criticize severely; rebuke

Spelling Word: chastise
Read [Esc] (101)
n. mean or unfair artifice to obscure truth; deception by trickery or sophistry

Spelling Word: chicanery
Read [Esc] (102)
v. scold mildly so as to correct or improve; express disapproval

Spelling Word: chide
Read [Esc] (103)
a. fantastically improbable; highly unrealistic; imaginative

Spelling Word: chimerical
Read [Esc] (104)
a. hot-tempered; easily angered; bad-tempered; expressing anger

Spelling Word: choleric
Read [Esc] (105)
v. chuckle with delight; joyful laugh or chuckle; laugh quietly or with restraint

Spelling Word: chortle
Read [Esc] (106)
n. a Christian ceremony involving baptizing and naming an infant

Spelling Word: christening
Read [Esc] (107)
v. dull explosive sound, usually short and repeated, made by or as if by a laboring engine

Spelling Word: chug
Read [Esc] (108)
a. difficult to work with; rude; unyielding; unmanageable

Spelling Word: churlish
Read [Esc] (109)
ad. approximately, about; commonly abbreviated ca. -- used especially before dates and numerical measures.

Spelling Word: circa
Read [Esc] (110)
a. being or taking a roundabout, lengthy course; going round in a circuit; not direct

Spelling Word: circuitous
Read [Esc] (111)
n. indirect or roundabout expression; evasion in speech or writing

Spelling Word: circumlocution
Read [Esc] (112)
v. limit narrowly; confine; draw a line around; encircle

Spelling Word: circumscribe
Read [Esc] (113)
a. carefully aware of all circumstances; cautious

Spelling Word: circumspect
Read [Esc] (114)
n. reservoir or water tank; vessel to hold water for household uses

Spelling Word: cistern
Read [Esc] (115)
a. speaking and repeating loud words; full of clamor; calling or demanding loudly or urgently; vociferous; noisy; bawling; loud

Spelling Word: clamorous
Read [Esc] (116)
a. loud outcry; loud sustained noise

Spelling Word: clamour
Read [Esc] (117)
n. a large group of relatives, friends, or associates; a traditional social unit, consisting of a number of families claiming a common ancestor

Spelling Word: clan
Read [Esc] (118)
n. place, especially a monastery or convent, devoted to religious seclusion; secluded, quiet place

Spelling Word: cloister
Read [Esc] (119)
a. distasteful because excessive; excessively sweet or sentimental

Spelling Word: cloying
Read [Esc] (120)
v. cause transformation of liquid into or as if into soft, semisolid, or solid mass

Spelling Word: coagulate
Read [Esc] (121)
v. combine; fuse; grow together; come together so as to form one whole; unite

Spelling Word: coalesce
Read [Esc] (122)
n. casket, chest, or trunk, especially, one used for keeping money or other valuables

Spelling Word: coffer
Read [Esc] (123)
n. power of proving or of producing belief; quality of being highly probable or convincing; force; credibility

Spelling Word: cogency
Read [Esc] (124)
a. reasonable and convincing; based on evidence; forcefully persuasive

Spelling Word: cogent
Read [Esc] (125)
v. think earnestly or studiously; meditate; ponder; think deeply

Spelling Word: cogitate
Read [Esc] (126)
a. related by blood; having common ancestor; related or analogous in nature, character, or function

Spelling Word: cognate
Read [Esc] (127)
n. bowl-shaped strainer, used to wash or drain foods

Spelling Word: colander
Read [Esc] (128)
v. to assemble something in a logical sequence

Spelling Word: collate
Read [Esc] (129)
n. guarantee, usually in the form of an asset, for the repayment of a loan if one cannot procure enough funds to repay

Spelling Word: collateral
Read [Esc] (130)
n. all commentators of the news media collectively

Spelling Word: commentariat
Read [Esc] (131)
a. spacious and comfortable; fit; proper; convenient

Spelling Word: commodious
Read [Esc] (132)
a. trying to please; showing cheerful willingness to do favors for others

Spelling Word: complaisant
Read [Esc] (133)
n. feeling of deep regret; strong uneasiness caused by a sense of guilt

Spelling Word: compunction
Read [Esc] (134)
n. calculation

Spelling Word: computation
Read [Esc] (135)
a. hollow; curved like inner surface of sphere

Spelling Word: concave
Read [Esc] (136)
n. overly high self-esteem; feelings of excessive pride

Spelling Word: conceit
Read [Esc] (137)
v. prepare by mixing ingredients, as in cooking; devise, using skill and intelligence

Spelling Word: concoct
Read [Esc] (138)
a. in conjunction with; accompanying; associated with

Spelling Word: concomitant
Read [Esc] (139)
n. in certain societies, such as imperial China, a woman contracted to a man as a secondary wife, often having few legal rights and low social status

Spelling Word: concubine
Read [Esc] (140)
a. simultaneous; coincident; occurring or operating at the same time

Spelling Word: concurrent
Read [Esc] (141)
n. act of condescending; voluntary descent from one's rank or dignity in intercourse with an inferior; courtesy toward inferiors

Spelling Word: condescension
Read [Esc] (142)
v. grieve; express sympathy; speak sympathetically to one in pain, grief, or misfortune

Spelling Word: condole
Read [Esc] (143)
n. pipe or channel for conveying fluids; tube for enclosing electric wires or cable

Spelling Word: conduit
Read [Esc] (144)
n. small pieces of colored paper generally thrown about at festive occasions

Spelling Word: confetti
Read [Esc] (145)
n. large destructive fire

Spelling Word: conflagration
Read [Esc] (146)
v. assemble; convene; gather

Spelling Word: congregate
Read [Esc] (147)
a. possessing congruity; suitable; agreeing; corresponding

Spelling Word: congruent
Read [Esc] (148)
n. relation or agreement between things; fitness; harmony; correspondence; consistency.

Spelling Word: congruity
Read [Esc] (149)
n. any gymnospermous tree or shrub bearing cones

Spelling Word: conifer
Read [Esc] (150)
a. thorough, careful, or vigilant; implies a desire to do a task well; characterized by extreme care and great effort

Spelling Word: conscientious