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Directions: Enter your answer as an integer or a decimal if there is a single answer box OR as a fraction if there are two separate boxes — one for the numerator and one for the denominator.

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1. One pen costs $0.25 and one marker costs $0.35. At those prices, what is the total cost of 18 pens and 100 markers?

2. Rectangle R has length 30 and width 10, and square S has length 5. The perimeter of S is what fraction of the perimeter of R?


Small CarsLarge Cars
Number of cars offered3223
Number of cars sold1620
Projected sales total for cars offered (in thousands)$70$150
Actual sales total (in thousands)$41$120

For the large cars sold at an auction that is summarized in the table above, what was the average sale price per car?

4. A merchant made a profit of $5 on the sale of a sweater that cost the merchant $15. What is the profit expressed as a percent of the merchant's cost?

Give your answer to the nearest whole percent.

5. Working alone at its constant rate, machine A produces k liters of a chemical in 10 minutes. Working alone at its constant rate, machine B produces k liters of the chemical in 15 minutes. How many minutes does it take machines A and B, working simultaneously at their respective constant rates, to produce k liters of the chemical?

6. To Ell a larger concert hall, a madrigal singing group consisting of sopranos, altos, and basses, in a 5:7:3 ratio, needs 40 singers. What is the least number of basses the group will need?

7. On a number line point a has coordinate -4 and point B has coordinate 6. What is the coordinate of point C which is midway between A and B ?

8. 60 per cent of what number is equal to 45 per cent of 80?

9. If the sum of 7 consecutive numbers is 0, what is the greatest of these numbers?

10. How many cubes with volume 8 cubic units can be cut from a cube with a surface area of 96 square units?