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v. [تیز] move faster; cause to develop or progress more quickly; occur sooner than expected

Spelling Word: accelerate
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v. [التزام] stick fast; stick to firmly; be compatible or in accordance with

Spelling Word: adhere
Read [Esc] (3)
n. [آڈٹ آفت] examination of accounts; adjustment or correction of accounts

Spelling Word: audit
Read [Esc] (4)
n. [بام] something that relieves pain

Spelling Word: balm
Read [Esc] (5)
a. [منافع] helpful; tending to promote physical well-being

Spelling Word: beneficial
Read [Esc] (6)
n. [پت] yellow, or greenish, viscid fluid, usually alkaline in reaction, secreted by the liver; the bitterness of temper

Spelling Word: bile
Read [Esc] (7)
n. [bilious binge] a short period of excessive consumption; rapid and excessive consumption of food, especially of excessive alcohol

Spelling Word: binge
Read [Esc] (8)
v. [نقصان پہنچانا] blast; prevent the growth and fertility of; destroy the happiness of; ruin; frustrate

Spelling Word: blight
Read [Esc] (9)
a. [جانور] not having sensation; senseless; inanimate; unconscious; without intelligence

Spelling Word: brute
Read [Esc] (10)
n. [گنسوتر] a structure in the cell nucleus that contains DNA

Spelling Word: chromosome