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IELTS Academic Words Level 3 - 2: Print One-sided Flashcard

n. [صابن] cleansing agent; a substance that acts similarly to soap
n. [عزم] act of making or arriving at a decision; putting an end to; termination
v. [روک ناگوار] dislike intensely; feel antipathy or aversion towards
a. [تباہ کن] destructive; highly critical; causing or capable of causing complete destruction
v. [وقف] dedicate; give your time or effort completely to something you believe in
v. [کایہ] prescribe; rule as a dictator
v. [مختلف] be or stand apart; disagree; be unlike; be distinguished
v. [ڈائجسٹ] break down; make more concise; convert food into absorbable substances
a. [ڈیجیٹل] of or performance to fingers, or to digits; done with the fingers
n. [مشکوک] predicament; state of uncertainty or between equally unfavorable options
a. [روشنی زائل کر دی] emitting only a small amount of light; lacking in brightness
v. [کھانا] eat a principal regular meal of the day; take dinner; give a dinner to
n. [ڈپلوما] document certifying the successful completion of a course of study
a. [سفارتی] relating to diplomacy; marked by tact and sensitivity in dealing with others
n. [ڈسک] flat round plate; circular structure either in plants or animals
v. [مادہ] relieve of a burden or of contents; unload; pour forth or release; complete or carry out; give off
a. [ویچارشیل] free from ostentation or pretension; distinct; distinguishable
n. [گھٹن] strong feelings of dislike; offend the taste or moral sense of
v. [مسترد] stop considering; end employment or service of; discharge; refuse to accept or recognize
v. [تصرف] get rid of; settle or decide a matter; place or set in a particular order; arrange