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 By Kurzhuba Sample

Listening Practice: Library Travel Tourism Environment

This is a full sample of IELTS listening test, including library, travel, tourism, and environment topics.

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

Example: The library re-opened last   month  The library now has

  • a seating area with magazines
  • an expanded section for books on ____1
  • a new section on local ____2
  • a community room for meetings (also possible to ____3 there)
  • a new section of books for ____4
For younger children
  • the next Science Club meeting: experiments using things from your ____5
  • Reading Challenge: read six books during the holidays
For adults
  • this Friday: a local author talks about a novel based on a real ____6
  • IT support is available on Tuesdays - no ____7 is necessary
  • free check of blood ____8 and cholesterol levels (over 60s only)
Other information
  • the library shop sells wall-charts, cards and ____9
  • evenings and weekends: free ____10 is available
1. travel/travel(l)ing
2. history
3. study
4. teenagers
5. kitchen
6. crime
7. appointment/booking
8. sugar
9. stamps
10. parking

SECTION 2 Questions 11-20 (BC TRAVAIL)

Questions 11 and 12 Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Which TWO age groups are taking increasing numbers of holidays with BC Travel?
  • A 16-30 years
  • B 31-42 years
  • C 43-54 years
  • D 55-64 years
  • E over 65 years

Questions 13 and 14 Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Which TWO are the main reasons given for the popularity of activity holidays?
  • A Clients make new friends.
  • B Clients learn a useful skill.
  • C Clients learn about a different culture.
  • D Clients are excited by the risk involved.
  • E Clients find them good value for money.

Questions 15-17 Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

15 How does BC Travel plan to expand the painting holidays?
  • A by adding to the number of locations
  • B by increasing the range of levels
  • C by employing more teachers
16 Why are BC Travel’s cooking holidays unusual?
  • A They only use organic foods.
  • B They have an international focus.
  • C They mainly involve vegetarian dishes.
17 What does the speaker say about the photography holidays?
  • A Clients receive individual tuition.
  • B The tutors are also trained guides.
  • C Advice is given on selling photographs.

Questions 18-20 Complete the table below. Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

Fitness Holidays
LocationMain focusOther comments
Ireland and Italygeneral fitnesspersonally designed programme
also reduces ____18
Greece ____19 control includes exercise on the beach
Moroccomountain bikingwide variety of levels
one holiday that is specially designed for ____20

11. D, E - in either order
12. D, E - in either order
13. A, C - in either order
14. A, C - in either order
15. C
16. B
17. A
18. stress
19. weight
20. families

SECTION 3 Questions 21-30 (TOURISM)

Questions 21-26 Complete the flow-chart below. Choose SIX answers and write the correct letter, A-H, next to Questions 21-26.

A patterns
B names
C sources
D questions
E employees
F solutions
G headings
H officials

  • Locate and read relevant articles, noting key information and also ____21
  • Identify a problem or need
  • Select interviewees - these may be site ____22, visitors or city ____23
  • Prepare and carry out interviews. If possible, collect statistics.
  • Check whether ____24 of interviewees can be used
  • Select relevant information and try to identify ____25
  • Decide on the best form of visuals
  • Give some background before writing the main sections
  • Do NOT end with ____26

Questions 27-30 Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

The Horton Castle site

27 Natalie and Dave agree one reason why so few people visit Horton Castle is that
  • A the publicity is poor.
  • B it is difficult to get to.
  • C there is little there of interest.
28 Natalie and Dave agree that the greatest problem with a visitor centre could be
  • A covering the investment costs.
  • B finding a big enough space for it.
  • C dealing with planning restrictions.
29 What does Dave say about conditions in the town of Horton?
  • A There is a lot of unemployment.
  • B There are few people of working age.
  • C There are opportunities for skilled workers.
30 According to Natalie, one way to prevent damage to the castle site would be to
  • A insist visitors have a guide.
  • B make visitors keep to the paths.
  • C limit visitor numbers.
21. C
22. E
23. H
24. B
25. A
26. F
27. A
28. C
29. B
30. B

SECTION 4 Questions 31-40 (ENVIRONMENT)
Complete the notes below. Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

The effects of environmental change on birds

Mercury (Hg)
  • Highly toxic
  • Released into the atmosphere from coal
  • In water it may be consumed by fish
  • It has also recently been found to affect birds which feed on ____31
Research on effects of mercury or binds

Claire Varian-Ramos is investigating
  • the effects on birds' ____32 or mental processes, e.g. memory
  • the effects on bird song (usually learned from a bird's ____33)
  • songs learned by birds exposed to mercury are less ____34
  • this may have a negative effect on birds' ____35
Lab-based studies
  • allow more ____36 for the experimenter
Implications for humans
  • Migrating birds such as ____37 containing mercury may be eaten by humans
  • Mercury also causes problems in learning ____38
  • Mercury in a mother’s body from ____39 may affect the unborn child
  • New regulations for mercury emissions will affect everyone’s energy ____40
31. insects
32. behaviour/behavior
33. father
34. complex/complicated
35. reproduction/breeding
36. control
37. duck(s)
38. language
39. food
40. cost(s)/price(s)/bill(s)
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