By Kurzhuba Band

IELTS Writing Task 2 Essays of Band 9

1. Overview
IELTS Writing Task 2 requires test taker to write a 250 words academic essay on given topic in 40 minutes. To get a top score essay, namely band 9 or band 8, you should finish the job perfectly with 5 steps.

Step 1: Analysis the given question You should understand the question without any doubt as well as what the examiners are expecting. If your answer leaves the question a little, you miss the chance to get top scores. So you need identify the question type, keywords, and instructions to ensure your understand is matched with the essay's topic and requirement.

Step 2. Planning Band 9 essay must have a perfect structure. Test takers usually plan for up to 10 minutes to organise ideas and structure before writing to write a clear essay.

Step 3. Introduction Introduction is a start to impress examiners to shoot band 9. Answer the question directly and tell the examiners your view or argument clearly.

Step 4. Main Body Paragraphs Demonstrate your detail and logic, state your main points, and support with explanations and relevant examples to build the body of top band essay.

Step 5. Conclusion Do you succeed in a band 9 essay? Provide a strong summary of what you have already said is the last nail of your masterpiece. Never ignore it.

2. Band 9 Essay and Samples
In general, examiners check essays from 4 factors: Task response, Coherence and cohesion, Lexical resource, and Grammatical range and accuracy. Band 9 is the highest score of IELTS writing. It means test takers should avoid any tiny mistakes in any aspect. The Key points are as below:
  • fully addresses the task
  • presents a fully developed position to the question with fully extended and well supported ideas
  • uses cohesion in such a way that it attracts no attention
  • skilfully manages paragraphing
  • uses a wide range of vocabulary with very natural control of lexical features
  • uses a wide range of structures with full flexibility and accuracy
Here we collect some band 9 essays of task 2 for both academic and general test. In fact, these essay samples aren't impeccable. Click the buttons you may see comments to refine them. In other words, even if your essay has a few tiny defects, you still have chance to get a band 9 essay. These samples give you goal to effort as well as confidence to do.

Band 9 Essay Sample -1
In today's modern world, computers are an essential part of everyday life. Around the globe, children often use computers from a very young age. Although it is important for... By Hans Goredy  Show topic and answer essay
Band 9 Essay Sample -2
Many people believe that death penalty is necessary to keep security system efficient in the society. While there are some negative aspects of capital punishment, I agree with... By Hans Goredy  Show topic and answer essay
Band 9 Essay Sample -3
Despite knowing about biodiversity‚Äôs importance for a long time, human activity has been causing massive extinctions of different species. This essay will examine the main... By Hans Goredy  Show topic and answer essay
Band 9 Essay Sample -4
These days a sedentary lifestyle is becoming more and more popular despite a big number of sport facilities. This essay will discuss the main problems associated with this... By Hans Goredy  Show topic and answer essay
Band 9 Essay Sample -5 (for general)
It is often argued that it is more advantageous to choose a job with high wage, even if it doesn't appeal to you at all. I completely disagree with this opinion and think that... By Hans Goredy  Show topic and answer essay
Band 9 Essay Sample -6 (for general)
As young adults enter college, they are presented with the choice of boarding at school or living with their parents. This essay is going to argue that student accommodation is... By Dang Tran Tung  Show topic and answer essay

3. Other Band Essay Sample
For many IELTS test takers band 9 isn't a realistic goal. As a matter of fact band 8, band 7, and even band 6 are good scores too, and are acceptable in most of cases. Comparing with band 9 essays, their criterion are relatively wider and are easier to meet with. Here we introduce how to score in brief and offer 2 samples for band 8, 7, and 6 respectively.

3.1 Band 8 Essay
Assessment criteria for band 8 (Task 2)
  • sufficiently addresses all parts of the task
  • presents a well-developed response to the question
  • sequences information and ideas logically
  • manages all aspects of cohesion well
  • uses paragraphing appropriately
  • uses a wide range of vocabulary fluently and flexibly
  • skilfully uses uncommon lexical items
  • rare errors in spelling
  • the majority of sentences are error-free
Band 8 Essay Sample -1
Given the power and influence of the super rich, it might seem as if social status and material possessions are the new symbols of personal worth, but in everyday life I do not... By Jade Lee  Show topic and answer essay
Band 8 Essay Sample -2 (for general)
A diversity of animal species from leopards, eagles to lizards have been captured and kept in zoos across the globe for centuries. While this practice is considered pointless to... By JiaBao Lam  Show topic and answer essay

3.2 Band 7 Essay
Assessment criteria for band 7 (Task 2)
  • addresses all parts of the task
  • presents a clear position throughout the response
  • supports main ideas, logically organises information and ideas
  • uses a range of cohesive devices appropriately
  • presents a clear central topic within each paragraph
  • uses a sufficient range of vocabulary
  • uses less common lexical items
  • may produce occasional errors in word choice and spelling
  • uses a variety of complex structures
  • has good control of grammar
Band 7 Essay Sample -1
There is an argument that exploring space is a waste of money and that there are more urgent needs to be addressed on earth, such as reducing poverty and preventing... By Jade Lee  Show topic and answer essay
Band 7 Essay Sample -2
As the world becomes more integrated, the need for common means of communication is becoming more pressing. Inevitably, speakers of minority languages have been under pressure... By Jiabao Lam  Show topic and answer essay

3.3 Band 6 Essay
Assessment criteria for band 6 (Task 2)
  • addresses all parts of the task, may be unbalanced
  • presents a relevant position, may be unclear or repetitive
  • arranges information and ideas coherently
  • uses cohesive devices effectively
  • uses paragraphing, but not always logically
  • uses an adequate range of vocabulary
  • attempts to use less common vocabulary
  • makes some errors in spelling and grammar, but do not impede communication
  • uses a mix of simple and complex sentence forms
Band 6 Essay Sample -1
In the last decade, there has been considerable debate over the role of free speech in a free society. Some object to absolute freedom of speech. Others advocate free speech,... By Jiabao Lam  Show topic and answer essay
Band 6 Essay Sample -2
In today's modern world, computers are needed everyday. Around the world, children use computers from the time they are little. It's true that children should have fun when they... By Hans Goredy  Show topic and answer essay