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Read [Esc] (1)
n. [संस्था] institute; organization; introducing something new

Spelling Word: institution
Read [Esc] (2)
a. [अभिन्न] essential or necessary for completeness; entire

Spelling Word: integral
Read [Esc] (3)
n. [नेतृत्व] guidance; direction; authority; position or office of a leader

Spelling Word: leadership
Read [Esc] (4)
v. [बढ़ाना] intensify; increase; make greater in size; enlarge

Spelling Word: magnify
Read [Esc] (5)
n. [स्मृति] faculty of the mind by which it retains the knowledge of previous thoughts, impressions, or events

Spelling Word: memory
Read [Esc] (6)
v. [कब्जा] inhabit;  live in a certain place; be present in; be inside of

Spelling Word: occupy
Read [Esc] (7)
a. [विपरीत] having an opponent; averse of

Spelling Word: opposed
Read [Esc] (8)
v. [आरंभ] initiate; invent; bring into being; create

Spelling Word: originate
Read [Esc] (9)
n. [पराग] the fine granular substance produced in flowers; fine bran or flour

Spelling Word: pollen
Read [Esc] (10)
n. [आगे बढ़ना] follow a certain course; move ahead; travel onward

Spelling Word: proceed