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Essay Title: Is it more important to be informed of local or international news?

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Is it more important to be informed of local or international news?
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People are divided into the views of whether national and local news is crucial for them, while the opposite advocates that international news is worthwhile for the individual. In my opinion, both provincial and foreign press are fruitful for individual life. I will not only elaborate on both perspectives but also share my viewpoints in the upcoming paragraphs.

Undoubtedly, there is an umpteen number of causes why folk argue that local news is more advantageous for demos. First and foremost, news plays a significant role in people's lives; it gives people opportunities to get information about local events conducted in a particular region. For example, with the aid of news, we know which new schemes were launched by the regional body for individuals and any mishaps that happened in the province. Another significant aspect is that local news provides a chance for people to know the latest price of gold and silver, as well as new films and matrimonial-related information shared with ...
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