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Read [Esc] (1)
lacking restraint or control; feeling of extreme emotional intensity; unbounded enthusiasm

Spelling Word: abandon
Read [Esc] (2)
recklessly unrestrained; deserted; left to destruction

Spelling Word: abandoned
Read [Esc] (3)
giving up completely; freedom from constraint

Spelling Word: abandonment
Read [Esc] (4)
humiliate; lower or depress in rank or esteem

Spelling Word: abase
Read [Esc] (5)
embarrass; make ashamed or uneasy; disconcert

Spelling Word: abash
Read [Esc] (6)
subside; decrease; become less in amount or intensity

Spelling Word: abate
Read [Esc] (7)
make shorter; reduce to shorter form intended to represent full form, as for word or phrase

Spelling Word: abbreviate
Read [Esc] (8)
give up, renounce, abandon, lay down, or withdraw from, as a right or claim

Spelling Word: abdicate
Read [Esc] (9)
abnormal; markedly different from an accepted norm

Spelling Word: aberrant
Read [Esc] (10)
aid, usually in doing something wrong; encourage

Spelling Word: abet
Read [Esc] (11)
suspended action; temporary cessation or suspension

Spelling Word: abeyance
Read [Esc] (12)
fill with horror and loathing; horrify; hate

Spelling Word: abhor
Read [Esc] (13)
endure; put up with; bear; tolerate

Spelling Word: abide
Read [Esc] (14)
lasting for a long time; enduring; permanent

Spelling Word: abiding
Read [Esc] (15)
renounce upon oath; abandon forever

Spelling Word: abjure
Read [Esc] (16)
washing or cleansing of the body, especially as part of religious rite

Spelling Word: ablution
Read [Esc] (17)
give up or surrender; deny something to oneself

Spelling Word: abnegate
Read [Esc] (18)
repudiation; self-sacrifice; renouncing your own interests in favor of interests of others

Spelling Word: abnegation
Read [Esc] (19)
cancel; put an end to; destroy completely

Spelling Word: abolish
Read [Esc] (20)
ending; act of abolishing; act of doing away with

Spelling Word: abolition
Read [Esc] (21)
detestable; extremely unpleasant; very bad

Spelling Word: abominable
Read [Esc] (22)
being the first of its kind in a region; primitive; native

Spelling Word: aboriginal
Read [Esc] (23)
unsuccessful; failing to accomplish an intended objective; fruitless

Spelling Word: abortive
Read [Esc] (24)
wear away by friction; scrape; erode

Spelling Word: abrade
Read [Esc] (25)
rubbing away; tending to grind down

Spelling Word: abrasive
Read [Esc] (26)
condense; shorten; reduce length of written text

Spelling Word: abridge
Read [Esc] (27)
abolish, do away with, or annul, especially by authority

Spelling Word: abrogate
Read [Esc] (28)
leave quickly and secretly and hide oneself, often to avoid arrest or prosecution

Spelling Word: abscond
Read [Esc] (29)
go away or leave ; missing; not present

Spelling Word: absent
Read [Esc] (30)
habitual not to appear, especially for work or other regular duty

Spelling Word: absenteeism
Read [Esc] (31)
refrain; hold oneself back voluntarily from an action or practice

Spelling Word: abstain
Read [Esc] (32)
sparing or moderation in eating and drinking; temperate

Spelling Word: abstemious
Read [Esc] (33)
obscure; profound; difficult to understand.

Spelling Word: abstruse
Read [Esc] (34)
plentiful; possessing riches or resources

Spelling Word: abundant
Read [Esc] (35)
in great numbers; in a plentiful or sufficient degree; plentifully

Spelling Word: abundantly
Read [Esc] (36)
border upon; adjoin; touch or end at one end or side; lie adjacent

Spelling Word: abut
Read [Esc] (37)
bottomless; very profound; limitless; very bad

Spelling Word: abysmal
Read [Esc] (38)
agree; give consent, often at insistence of another; concede

Spelling Word: accede
Read [Esc] (39)
increasing in speed

Spelling Word: accelerating
Read [Esc] (40)
faster rate of improvement; rate of change of velocity with respect to time

Spelling Word: acceleration
Read [Esc] (41)
emphasize; stress; pronounce with a stress or accent; mark with an accent

Spelling Word: accentuate
Read [Esc] (42)
easily approached or entered; obtainable; easy to talk to or get along with

Spelling Word: accessible
Read [Esc] (43)
event that takes place without one's foresight or expectation; sudden, and unexpected event

Spelling Word: accident
Read [Esc] (44)
inadvertently; by chance; casually; fortuitously; not essentially or intrinsically

Spelling Word: accidentally
Read [Esc] (45)
applaud; announce with great approval

Spelling Word: acclaim
Read [Esc] (46)
accustom or become accustomed to a new environment or situation; adapt

Spelling Word: acclimate
Read [Esc] (47)
upward slope, as of hill

Spelling Word: acclivity
Read [Esc] (48)
award of merit; expression of approval; praise

Spelling Word: accolade
Read [Esc] (49)
do a favor or service for; provide for; supply with; make suitable; adapt; allow for

Spelling Word: accommodate
Read [Esc] (50)
helpful in bringing about a harmonious adaptation

Spelling Word: accommodating
Read [Esc] (51)
succeed in doing; bring to pass; achieve; reach the end of; complete

Spelling Word: accomplish
Read [Esc] (52)
approach and speak to boldly or aggressively, as with demand or request

Spelling Word: accost
Read [Esc] (53)
equip; provide with military equipment

Spelling Word: accouter
Read [Esc] (54)
growth or increase in size by gradual external addition, fusion, or inclusion

Spelling Word: accretion
Read [Esc] (55)
increase, accumulate, or come about as a result of growth; accumulate over time

Spelling Word: accrue
Read [Esc] (56)
increase by natural growth or addition; concentration

Spelling Word: accumulation
Read [Esc] (57)
indictment; charge of wrongdoing that is made against a person or other party

Spelling Word: accusation
Read [Esc] (58)
habitual to; used to; frequently practiced, used, or experienced; customary

Spelling Word: accustomed
Read [Esc] (59)
bitterness of speech and temper; sourness or acidness of taste, character, or tone

Spelling Word: acerbity
Read [Esc] (60)
having properties of vinegar; sour

Spelling Word: acetic
Read [Esc] (61)
gain with effort; accomplish; fulfill

Spelling Word: achieve
Read [Esc] (62)
feat; accomplishment; award for completing a particular task or meeting an objective

Spelling Word: achievement
Read [Esc] (63)
slightly sour in taste or in manner; sharp; caustic

Spelling Word: acidulous
Read [Esc] (64)
science of sound; quality that makes a room easy or hard to hear in

Spelling Word: acoustics
Read [Esc] (65)
inform about; cause to come to know personally; make familiar

Spelling Word: acquaint
Read [Esc] (66)
known by or familiar with another; informed or familiar

Spelling Word: acquainted
Read [Esc] (67)
assent; agree without protesting

Spelling Word: acquiesce
Read [Esc] (68)
gain through experience or effort; gain possession of; locate with tracking system

Spelling Word: acquire
Read [Esc] (69)
unpleasantly sharp or bitter to taste or smell; bitterly pungent

Spelling Word: acrid
Read [Esc] (70)
bitter and sharp in language, tone, or manner

Spelling Word: acrimonious
Read [Esc] (71)
fear of heights; abnormal fear of high places

Spelling Word: acrophobia
Read [Esc] (72)
energetically; vigorously; in an active manner; voluntarily, not passively

Spelling Word: actively
Read [Esc] (73)
calculating; pertaining to insurance statistics

Spelling Word: actuarial
Read [Esc] (74)
put into motion or action; activate

Spelling Word: actuate
Read [Esc] (75)
sharpness; acuteness of vision or perception; keenness

Spelling Word: acuity
Read [Esc] (76)
mental keenness; quickness of perception

Spelling Word: acumen
Read [Esc] (77)
flexible; becoming or being made suitable to particular situation or use

Spelling Word: adaptable
Read [Esc] (78)
having a capacity for adaptation; capable of adapting

Spelling Word: adaptive
Read [Esc] (79)
something added or to be added, especially a supplement to a book

Spelling Word: addendum
Read [Esc] (80)
further; extra; supplemental or added to

Spelling Word: additional
Read [Esc] (81)
muddle; drive crazy; become confused

Spelling Word: addle
Read [Esc] (82)
expert at; very skilled; having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude

Spelling Word: adept
Read [Esc] (83)
person who adheres; one who follows or upholds a leader, party, cause

Spelling Word: adherent
Read [Esc] (84)
glue; paste ; substance that unites or bonds surfaces together

Spelling Word: adhesive
Read [Esc] (85)
be next to; be contiguous to; border on

Spelling Word: adjoin
Read [Esc] (86)
hear and settle a case by judicial procedure

Spelling Word: adjudicate
Read [Esc] (87)
something added on or attached generally nonessential or inferior

Spelling Word: adjunct
Read [Esc] (88)
appeal to or entreat earnestly; command or enjoin solemnly, as under oath

Spelling Word: adjure
Read [Esc] (89)
govern; supervise; give or apply medications

Spelling Word: administer
Read [Esc] (90)
favorable judgment; feeling of pleasure, wonder, and approval

Spelling Word: admiration
Read [Esc] (91)
doubtlessly; in an acknowledged manner; confessedly

Spelling Word: admittedly
Read [Esc] (92)
warn; counsel someone against something to be avoided

Spelling Word: admonish
Read [Esc] (93)
gentle or friendly reproof; cautionary advice or warning

Spelling Word: admonition
Read [Esc] (94)
enhance or decorate with or as if with ornaments

Spelling Word: adorn
Read [Esc] (95)
embellishment; decoration; something that beautifies or adorns; ornament

Spelling Word: adornment
Read [Esc] (96)
skillful and adept under pressing conditions

Spelling Word: adroit
Read [Esc] (97)
excessive flattery or admiration; unmerited praise

Spelling Word: adulation
Read [Esc] (98)
make impure by adding inferior or tainted substances

Spelling Word: adulterate
Read [Esc] (99)
give hint or indication of something; disclose partially or guardedly; overshadow; shade

Spelling Word: adumbrate
Read [Esc] (100)
proceed; move forward; improve; moving forward

Spelling Word: advance
Read [Esc] (101)
improved; highly developed or complex; ahead of the times; progressive

Spelling Word: advanced
Read [Esc] (102)
coming or arrival, especially of something extremely important

Spelling Word: advent
Read [Esc] (103)
accidental; casual; not inherent but added extrinsically

Spelling Word: adventitious
Read [Esc] (104)
in opposing direction; harmful or unfavorable; acting or serving to oppose

Spelling Word: adverse
Read [Esc] (105)
support; active pleading on behalf of something

Spelling Word: advocacy
Read [Esc] (106)
nest of bird, such as eagle, built on a cliff or other high place

Spelling Word: aerie
Read [Esc] (107)
elegant or tasteful; of or concerning appreciation of beauty or good taste

Spelling Word: aesthetic
Read [Esc] (108)
easily approachable; warmly friendly

Spelling Word: affable
Read [Esc] (109)
have an emotional or cognitive impact upon

Spelling Word: affect
Read [Esc] (110)
fondness; tender feeling toward another; fondness

Spelling Word: affection
Read [Esc] (111)
having affection or warm regard; loving; fond; kindly inclined; zealous

Spelling Word: affectionate
Read [Esc] (112)
natural attraction, liking, or feeling of kinship; relationship by marriage

Spelling Word: affinity
Read [Esc] (113)
positive assertion; confirmation; solemn pledge by one who refuses to take an oath

Spelling Word: affirmation
Read [Esc] (114)
fasten; append; add on; secure to something

Spelling Word: affix
Read [Esc] (115)
abundance; a plentiful supply of material goods; wealth

Spelling Word: affluence
Read [Esc] (116)
having an abundant supply of money or possessions of value

Spelling Word: affluent
Read [Esc] (117)
insult; offense; intentional act of disrespect

Spelling Word: affront
Read [Esc] (118)
items of business at a meeting; list or program of things to be done or considered

Spelling Word: agenda
Read [Esc] (119)
collection; heap; act or process of gathering into a mass

Spelling Word: agglomeration
Read [Esc] (120)
increase scope of; extend; intensify; make greater in power, influence, stature, or reputation

Spelling Word: aggrandize
Read [Esc] (121)
irritating; annoying; making worse or more heinous

Spelling Word: aggravating
Read [Esc] (122)
gather into a mass, sum, or whole; amount to

Spelling Word: aggregate
Read [Esc] (123)
making assaults; unjustly attacking; combative; hostile; tending to spread quickly

Spelling Word: aggressive
Read [Esc] (124)
feeling of hostility that arouses thoughts of attack; quality of being bold and enterprising

Spelling Word: aggressiveness
Read [Esc] (125)
struck by shock, terror, or amazement

Spelling Word: aghast
Read [Esc] (126)
mentally quick; moving quickly and lightly

Spelling Word: agility
Read [Esc] (127)
cause to move with violence or sudden force; upset; disturb

Spelling Word: agitate
Read [Esc] (128)
anxiety; extreme emotional disturbance

Spelling Word: agitation
Read [Esc] (129)
one who is skeptical of existence of a god or any ultimate reality

Spelling Word: agnostic
Read [Esc] (130)
pertaining to land or its cultivation; relating to agricultural or rural matters

Spelling Word: agrarian
Read [Esc] (131)
half-open; slightly turned or opened

Spelling Word: ajar
Read [Esc] (132)
cheerful promptness or willingness; eagerness; speed or quickness

Spelling Word: alacrity
Read [Esc] (133)
medieval chemistry; magical or mysterious power or process of transforming

Spelling Word: alchemy
Read [Esc] (134)
nook; small, recessed section of a room

Spelling Word: alcove
Read [Esc] (135)
established procedure for solving problem

Spelling Word: algorithm
Read [Esc] (136)
dissimilar, inconsistent, or opposed in nature; very different place, society, or person

Spelling Word: alien
Read [Esc] (137)
providing nourishment; concerned with food, nutrition, or digestion

Spelling Word: alimentary
Read [Esc] (138)
calm; pacify; reduce the intensity of; relieve

Spelling Word: allay
Read [Esc] (139)
state without proof; assert to be true

Spelling Word: allege
Read [Esc] (140)
symbolic representation of abstract ideas or principles in narrative, dramatic, or pictorial form

Spelling Word: allegory
Read [Esc] (141)
repetition of beginning sound in poetry

Spelling Word: alliteration
Read [Esc] (142)
assign; distribute according to plan

Spelling Word: allocate
Read [Esc] (143)
refer casually or indirectly, or by suggestion

Spelling Word: allude
Read [Esc] (144)
indirect reference; symbolical reference or comparison; metaphor

Spelling Word: allusion
Read [Esc] (145)
in or into a high place; high or higher up

Spelling Word: aloft
Read [Esc] (146)
happening or following in turns; succeeding each other continuously; substitute

Spelling Word: alternate
Read [Esc] (147)
elevation especially above sea level; height

Spelling Word: altitude
Read [Esc] (148)
unselfishly generous; concerned for others

Spelling Word: altruistic
Read [Esc] (149)
combine; unite in one body; mix or alloy a metal with mercury

Spelling Word: amalgamate
Read [Esc] (150)
collect; gather for oneself, as for one's pleasure or profit

Spelling Word: amass
Read [Esc] (151)
capable of using either hand with equal ease

Spelling Word: ambidextrous
Read [Esc] (152)
particular environment or surrounding influence; atmosphere of environment

Spelling Word: ambience
Read [Esc] (153)
unclear or doubtful in meaning

Spelling Word: ambiguous
Read [Esc] (154)
state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes, such as love and hate

Spelling Word: ambivalence
Read [Esc] (155)
moving at an easy pace; walk slowly or leisurely

Spelling Word: amble
Read [Esc] (156)
able to walk; formed or adapted for walking; not stationary

Spelling Word: ambulatory
Read [Esc] (157)
make or become better; improve; grow better

Spelling Word: ameliorate
Read [Esc] (158)
responsive to advice or suggestion; responsible to higher authority; willing to comply with; agreeable

Spelling Word: amenable
Read [Esc] (159)
convenient features; courtesies

Spelling Word: amenities
Read [Esc] (160)
good-natured and likable; lovable; warmly friendly

Spelling Word: amiable
Read [Esc] (161)
exhibiting friendliness or goodwill; not quarrelsome

Spelling Word: amicable
Read [Esc] (162)
in the middle of; among; surrounded by

Spelling Word: amid
Read [Esc] (163)
friendship; peaceful relations, as between nations

Spelling Word: amity
Read [Esc] (164)
moved by sexual love; loving

Spelling Word: amorous
Read [Esc] (165)
formless; lacking shape or definition

Spelling Word: amorphous
Read [Esc] (166)
able to live both on land and in water

Spelling Word: amphibian
Read [Esc] (167)
oval building with tiers of seats from central open space or arena

Spelling Word: amphitheater
Read [Esc] (168)
broaden or clarify by expanding; intensify; make larger or more powerful; increase

Spelling Word: amplify
Read [Esc] (169)
cut off part of body, especially by surgery; prune

Spelling Word: amputate
Read [Esc] (170)
having time error in story; erroneous in date; in wrong time

Spelling Word: anachronistic
Read [Esc] (171)
serving to reduce sensibility to pain without loss of consciousness

Spelling Word: analgesic
Read [Esc] (172)
comparable; similar or alike

Spelling Word: analogous
Read [Esc] (173)
person who seeks to overturn established government; advocate of abolishing authority

Spelling Word: anarchist
Read [Esc] (174)
solemn curse; someone or something regarded as a curse

Spelling Word: anathema
Read [Esc] (175)
forefather; forebear; forerunner or predecessor

Spelling Word: ancestor
Read [Esc] (176)
family descent; series or line of ancestors; lineage

Spelling Word: ancestry
Read [Esc] (177)
serving as aid or accessory; auxiliary

Spelling Word: ancillary
Read [Esc] (178)
having the character of an anecdote; of short story of interesting or humorous incident

Spelling Word: anecdotal
Read [Esc] (179)
sharp-cornered; consisting of an angle or angles; stiff in manner

Spelling Word: angular
Read [Esc] (180)
endowed with life; alive; living; animated

Spelling Word: animate
Read [Esc] (181)
having life or vigor or spirit; filled with activity; in form of cartoon

Spelling Word: animated
Read [Esc] (182)
feeling of enmity or ill will; attitude that informs one's actions; disposition

Spelling Word: animus
Read [Esc] (183)
chronological record of the events of successive years

Spelling Word: annals
Read [Esc] (184)
destroy completely; reduce to nonexistence

Spelling Word: annihilate
Read [Esc] (185)
comment; make explanatory notes

Spelling Word: annotate
Read [Esc] (186)
herald; give out; proclaim; make known publicly

Spelling Word: announce
Read [Esc] (187)
formal public statement; act of making known publicly

Spelling Word: announcement
Read [Esc] (188)
disturb, especially by minor irritations; irritate

Spelling Word: annoy
Read [Esc] (189)
annual payment of allowance or income; periodical payment, amounting to a fixed sum in each year

Spelling Word: annuity
Read [Esc] (190)
make or declare void or invalid; reduce to nothing

Spelling Word: annul
Read [Esc] (191)
source of relaxation or comfort; medicine that relieves pain

Spelling Word: anodyne
Read [Esc] (192)
apply oil or similar substance to; put oil on during religious ceremony as a sign of sanctification or consecration.

Spelling Word: anoint
Read [Esc] (193)
deviating from normal or common order, form, or rule

Spelling Word: anomalous
Read [Esc] (194)
irregularity; person or something that is unusual; departure from normal or common order

Spelling Word: anomaly
Read [Esc] (195)
having no name; having unknown or unacknowledged name

Spelling Word: anonymous
Read [Esc] (196)
active resistance; condition of being an opposing principle, force, or factor

Spelling Word: antagonism
Read [Esc] (197)
precede; go before in time, and sometimes in place, rank, or logical order

Spelling Word: antecede
Read [Esc] (198)
preceding events or circumstances that influence what comes later; ancestors or early background

Spelling Word: antecedents
Read [Esc] (199)
antiquated; extremely old and ancient; belonging to very ancient times

Spelling Word: antediluvian
Read [Esc] (200)
book of literary selections by various authors

Spelling Word: anthology
Read [Esc] (201)
regarding human beings as the center of the universe

Spelling Word: anthropocentric
Read [Esc] (202)
manlike; resembling a human, especially in shape or outward appearance

Spelling Word: anthropoid
Read [Esc] (203)
having human form or characteristics

Spelling Word: anthropomorphic
Read [Esc] (204)
letdown in thought or emotion; decline viewed in disappointing contrast with previous rise

Spelling Word: anticlimax
Read [Esc] (205)
strong feeling of aversion; dislike

Spelling Word: antipathy
Read [Esc] (206)
contrast; direct contrast; opposition

Spelling Word: antithesis
Read [Esc] (207)
eager; keen; worried; uneasy and apprehensive about an uncertain event or matter

Spelling Word: anxious
Read [Esc] (208)
lack of caring; indifference

Spelling Word: apathy
Read [Esc] (209)
opening; diameter of such an opening; hole

Spelling Word: aperture
Read [Esc] (210)
highest point; vertex; summit; climax

Spelling Word: apex
Read [Esc] (211)
loss of speech due to injury or illness

Spelling Word: aphasia
Read [Esc] (212)
definition or concise statement of principle; tersely phrased statement of truth or opinion

Spelling Word: aphorism
Read [Esc] (213)
place where bees and beehives are kept, especially where bees are raised for their honey

Spelling Word: apiary
Read [Esc] (214)
poise; self-confident assurance

Spelling Word: aplomb
Read [Esc] (215)
untrue; of questionable authorship or authenticity; erroneous; fictitious

Spelling Word: apocryphal
Read [Esc] (216)
the highest point; point in orbit most distant from the body being orbited

Spelling Word: apogee
Read [Esc] (217)
having aversion or lack of concern for political affairs

Spelling Word: apolitical
Read [Esc] (218)
person who argues in defense or justification of something, such as doctrine, policy, or institution

Spelling Word: apologist
Read [Esc] (219)
one who abandons his religious faith or political beliefs

Spelling Word: apostate
Read [Esc] (220)
elevation to godhood; fact or action of becoming a god; an ideal example of something

Spelling Word: apotheosis
Read [Esc] (221)
depress or discourage with fear; grow faint or become weak

Spelling Word: appall
Read [Esc] (222)
ghostly figure; sudden or unusual sight; appearance; state of being visible

Spelling Word: apparition
Read [Esc] (223)
name; title; act of naming; act of appealing for aid, sympathy

Spelling Word: appellation
Read [Esc] (224)
attach; add as supplement or appendix

Spelling Word: append
Read [Esc] (225)
durable goods for home or office use; device or instrument for household use

Spelling Word: appliance
Read [Esc] (226)
exert; put into service; avail oneself to;

Spelling Word: apply
Read [Esc] (227)
distribute; allot; give out as one's portion or share

Spelling Word: apportion
Read [Esc] (228)
strikingly appropriate and relevant; well-suited

Spelling Word: apposite
Read [Esc] (229)
estimate value of; evaluate, especially in official capacity

Spelling Word: appraise
Read [Esc] (230)
fearful or uneasy anticipation of the future; act of seizing or capturing; understanding

Spelling Word: apprehension
Read [Esc] (231)
term during which one learns a trade from skilled worker; service or legal condition of an apprentice

Spelling Word: apprenticeship
Read [Esc] (232)
inform; give notice to; make aware

Spelling Word: apprise
Read [Esc] (233)
impending; of the relatively near future; coming closer to another

Spelling Word: approaching
Read [Esc] (234)
expression of warm approval; praise

Spelling Word: approbation
Read [Esc] (235)
funding; money set aside for a specific purpose

Spelling Word: appropriation
Read [Esc] (236)
with reference or regard; in respect

Spelling Word: apropos
Read [Esc] (237)
in a competent capable manner; in an apt or suitable manner

Spelling Word: aptly
Read [Esc] (238)
consisting of, relating to, or being in water

Spelling Word: aquatic
Read [Esc] (239)
curved or hooked like an eagle's beak

Spelling Word: aquiline
Read [Esc] (240)
fit for growing crops, as by plowing

Spelling Word: arable
Read [Esc] (241)
person with power to decide a dispute; judge

Spelling Word: arbiter
Read [Esc] (242)
place where different tree varieties are exhibited

Spelling Word: arboretum
Read [Esc] (243)
secret; mysterious; known only to the initiated

Spelling Word: arcane
Read [Esc] (244)
study of artifacts and relics of early mankind

Spelling Word: archaeology
Read [Esc] (245)
no longer current or applicable; antiquated

Spelling Word: archaic
Read [Esc] (246)
prototype; original model or type after which other similar things are patterned

Spelling Word: archetype
Read [Esc] (247)
group of closely located islands

Spelling Word: archipelago
Read [Esc] (248)
art and science of designing and erecting buildings; buildings and other large structures

Spelling Word: architecture
Read [Esc] (249)
displaying or by strong enthusiasm or devotion; passionate

Spelling Word: ardent
Read [Esc] (250)
demanding great effort or labor; difficult

Spelling Word: arduous
Read [Esc] (251)
dry; lacking moisture, especially having insufficient rainfall to support trees or plants

Spelling Word: arid
Read [Esc] (252)
hereditary nobility; privileged class

Spelling Word: aristocracy
Read [Esc] (253)
a fleet of warships; a large group of moving things

Spelling Word: armada
Read [Esc] (254)
fragrance; scent; pleasant characteristic odor, as of a plant, spice, or food

Spelling Word: aroma
Read [Esc] (255)
fragrant or sweet-smelling; caused by fragrant odor

Spelling Word: aromatic
Read [Esc] (256)
act of awaking from sleep; arousing from what is like sleep

Spelling Word: arousal
Read [Esc] (257)
excite; stimulate; awaken from or as if from sleep

Spelling Word: arouse
Read [Esc] (258)
officially charge someone in a court of law

Spelling Word: arraign
Read [Esc] (259)
being in debt; unpaid, overdue debt or an unfulfilled obligation

Spelling Word: arrears
Read [Esc] (260)
claim without justification; claim for oneself without right

Spelling Word: arrogate
Read [Esc] (261)
deep gully; a dry gulch; brook or creek; watercourse

Spelling Word: arroyo
Read [Esc] (262)
inflammation of a joint or joints

Spelling Word: arthritis
Read [Esc] (263)
essay; editorial; individual thing or element of a class

Spelling Word: article
Read [Esc] (264)
expressing oneself easily in clear and effective language

Spelling Word: articulate
Read [Esc] (265)
subtle but base deception; trickery; cleverness or skill; ingenuity

Spelling Word: artifice
Read [Esc] (266)
manually skilled worker; craftsman, as opposed to artist

Spelling Word: artisan
Read [Esc] (267)
free of artificiality; natural; open and honest

Spelling Word: artless
Read [Esc] (268)
superiority or decisive advantage; domination

Spelling Word: ascendancy
Read [Esc] (269)
leading a life of self-discipline and self-denial; austere

Spelling Word: ascetic
Read [Esc] (270)
inscribe or dedicate; attribute to a specified cause, source, or origin; assign as a quality

Spelling Word: ascribe
Read [Esc] (271)
preventing infection; having cleansing effect

Spelling Word: aseptic
Read [Esc] (272)
ash-colored; very pale; consisting of ashes

Spelling Word: ashen
Read [Esc] (273)
with sideways or indirect look; Turned to side, especially of eyes

Spelling Word: askance
Read [Esc] (274)
turned or twisted toward one side; at an angle

Spelling Word: askew
Read [Esc] (275)
distinct feature or element in a problem; a way in which something can be viewed by the mind

Spelling Word: aspect
Read [Esc] (276)
sharpness of temper; roughness or harshness, as of surface, sound, or climate

Spelling Word: asperity
Read [Esc] (277)
one who aspires, as to advancement, honors, or a high position

Spelling Word: aspirant
Read [Esc] (278)
assault; attack with or as if with violent blows

Spelling Word: assail
Read [Esc] (279)
analyze; evaluate; examine by trial or experiment; put to test

Spelling Word: assay
Read [Esc] (280)
gathering; meeting; a group of persons gathered together for common reason

Spelling Word: assembly
Read [Esc] (281)
express agreement to what is alleged or proposed; accept

Spelling Word: assent
Read [Esc] (282)
constant in application or attention; diligent; unceasing or persistent

Spelling Word: assiduous
Read [Esc] (283)
incorporate and absorb into mind; make similar; cause to resemble

Spelling Word: assimilate
Read [Esc] (284)
give help or support to, especially as a subordinate

Spelling Word: assist
Read [Esc] (285)
helper; person who assists or helps someone else

Spelling Word: assistant
Read [Esc] (286)
ease or lessen pain; satisfy or appease

Spelling Word: assuage
Read [Esc] (287)
eye defect that prevents proper focus

Spelling Word: astigmatism
Read [Esc] (288)
causing contraction; having the effect of drawing tissue together; stern or austere

Spelling Word: astringent
Read [Esc] (289)
enormously large or extensive; relating to astronomy

Spelling Word: astronomical
Read [Esc] (290)
into separate parts or pieces; apart

Spelling Word: asunder
Read [Esc] (291)
not identical on both sides of a dividing central line

Spelling Word: asymmetric
Read [Esc] (292)
resemblance to remote ancestors rather than to parents; deformity returning after passage of two or more generations

Spelling Word: atavism
Read [Esc] (293)
displaying characteristics of previous cultural era or of previous ancestral form

Spelling Word: atavistic
Read [Esc] (294)
denying existence of God; godless

Spelling Word: atheistic
Read [Esc] (295)
brutal deed; atrocious condition, quality, or behavior; monstrousness

Spelling Word: atrocity
Read [Esc] (296)
wasting away; decrease in size; reduction in the functionality of an organ caused by disease

Spelling Word: atrophy
Read [Esc] (297)
fasten; annex; be in contact with

Spelling Word: attach
Read [Esc] (298)
fastened together; joined by wall, especially by sharing a wall with another building; not freestanding

Spelling Word: attached
Read [Esc] (299)
something, such as an accomplishment or achievement; achievement

Spelling Word: attainment
Read [Esc] (300)
make slender, fine, or small; weaken; lessen density of

Spelling Word: attenuate
Read [Esc] (301)
lawyer; one who is appointed by another to act in his place or stead; proxy

Spelling Word: attorney
Read [Esc] (302)
draw to, or cause to tend to; engage or fix, as the mind, attention; invite or allure

Spelling Word: attract
Read [Esc] (303)
essential quality; reputation; honor

Spelling Word: attribute
Read [Esc] (304)
gradual decrease in numbers; reduction in work force without firing employees; wearing away of opposition by means of harassment

Spelling Word: attrition
Read [Esc] (305)
not normal; unusual or irregular; not representative of a group, class, or type

Spelling Word: atypical
Read [Esc] (306)
fearlessly, often recklessly daring; bold

Spelling Word: audacious
Read [Esc] (307)
examination of accounts; adjustment or correction of accounts

Spelling Word: audit
Read [Esc] (308)
of or relating to hearing, the organs of hearing, or the sense of hearing

Spelling Word: auditory
Read [Esc] (309)
hand tool for boring holes; hollow drill used to take core samples of soil, ice

Spelling Word: auger
Read [Esc] (310)
make greater, as in size, extent, or quantity

Spelling Word: augment
Read [Esc] (311)
sign of something coming; art or practice of foretelling events by signs or omens

Spelling Word: augury
Read [Esc] (312)
the outermost region of the sun's atmosphere; halo

Spelling Word: aureole
Read [Esc] (313)
characteristic of dawn; dawning, eastern, like new beginning; relating to the atmospheric phenomenon auroras

Spelling Word: auroral
Read [Esc] (314)
attended by favorable circumstances; marked by success; prosperous

Spelling Word: auspicious
Read [Esc] (315)
strict or severe in discipline; severely simple and unornamented

Spelling Word: austere
Read [Esc] (316)
prove genuine; establish authenticity of

Spelling Word: authenticate
Read [Esc] (317)
expecting absolute obedience; completely dominating another's will

Spelling Word: authoritarian
Read [Esc] (318)
having weight of authority; peremptory and dictatorial

Spelling Word: authoritative
Read [Esc] (319)
jurisdiction; power to enforce laws, exact obedience, command, determine, or judge; government

Spelling Word: authority
Read [Esc] (320)
empower; give permission for; sanction

Spelling Word: authorize
Read [Esc] (321)
dictator; ruler having unlimited power

Spelling Word: autocrat
Read [Esc] (322)
having absolute, unchecked power; dictatorial

Spelling Word: autocratic
Read [Esc] (323)
mechanism that imitates actions of humans

Spelling Word: automaton
Read [Esc] (324)
self-governing; not controlled by others or by outside forces; independent

Spelling Word: autonomous
Read [Esc] (325)
independence; self-government or the right of self-government; self-determination

Spelling Word: autonomy
Read [Esc] (326)
helper, additional or subsidiary

Spelling Word: auxiliary
Read [Esc] (327)
great mass of falling snow and ice

Spelling Word: avalanche
Read [Esc] (328)
greediness for wealth; insatiable desire of gain

Spelling Word: avarice
Read [Esc] (329)
declare to be true; affirm

Spelling Word: aver
Read [Esc] (330)
reluctant; disinclined; turned away or backward; unwilling

Spelling Word: averse
Read [Esc] (331)
firm dislike; turning away; avoidance of a thing, situation, or behavior because of dislike

Spelling Word: aversion
Read [Esc] (332)
large cage, building, or enclosure in which birds are reared or kept

Spelling Word: aviary
Read [Esc] (333)
art or science of flying; flight; aeronautics

Spelling Word: aviation
Read [Esc] (334)
greedy; eager for; marked by keen interest and enthusiasm

Spelling Word: avid
Read [Esc] (335)
activity taken up in addition to one's regular work or profession, usually for enjoyment

Spelling Word: avocation
Read [Esc] (336)
keeping away from or preventing from happening

Spelling Word: avoidance
Read [Esc] (337)
declare openly; acknowledge openly, boldly, and unashamedly

Spelling Word: avow
Read [Esc] (338)
in manner of uncle, pertaining to uncle; kind, genial, benevolent or tolerant

Spelling Word: avuncular
Read [Esc] (339)
in an uncomfortable, nervous or embarrassed way

Spelling Word: awkwardly
Read [Esc] (340)
in a position that is turned toward one side; away from correct course

Spelling Word: awry
Read [Esc] (341)
self-evident truth requiring no proof

Spelling Word: axiom
Read [Esc] (342)
sky blue; light purplish-blue

Spelling Word: azure