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Read [Esc] (1)
n. Syn. capacity; skill
capacity; skill

Spelling Word: ability
Read [Esc] (2)
a. Syn. burning; radiant; bright
burning; radiant; bright; keenly excited ; resembling flame in brilliance or color

Spelling Word: ablaze
Read [Esc] (3)
v. Syn. cancel; annul
cancel; put an end to; destroy completely

Spelling Word: abolish
Read [Esc] (4)
a reformer who favors abolishing slavery

Spelling Word: abolitionist
Read [Esc] (5)
be full of; be plentiful

Spelling Word: abound
Read [Esc] (6)
a. Syn. sudden; unforeseen
broken off; very steep; having sudden transitions from one subject to another

Spelling Word: abrupt
Read [Esc] (7)
v. Syn. monopolize; receive
assimilate or incorporate; suck or drink up; occupy full attention

Spelling Word: absorb
Read [Esc] (8)
v. Syn. adjoin
border upon; adjoin; touch or end at one end or side; lie adjacent

Spelling Word: abut
Read [Esc] (9)
a scholar who is skilled in academic disputation

Spelling Word: academician
Read [Esc] (10)
n. Syn. approach
approach; entry; entrance

Spelling Word: access
Read [Esc] (11)
attribute of being easy to meet or deal with

Spelling Word: accessibility
Read [Esc] (12)
n. Syn. adjunct; appendage
additional object; useful but not essential thing; subordinate or supplementary item

Spelling Word: accessory
Read [Esc] (13)
v. Syn. applaud
applaud; announce with great approval

Spelling Word: acclaim
Read [Esc] (14)
act of accompanying someone or something

Spelling Word: accompaniment
Read [Esc] (15)
a. Syn. attendant; concomitant
attendant; concomitant

Spelling Word: accompanying
Read [Esc] (16)
n. Syn. achievement; fulfillment
achievement; fulfillment

Spelling Word: accomplishment
Read [Esc] (17)
a portable box-shaped free-reed instrument; reeds that are made to vibrate by air from the bellows controlled by the player

Spelling Word: accordion
Read [Esc] (18)
n. Syn. report; description
narrative or record of events; reason given for a particular action or event

Spelling Word: account
Read [Esc] (19)
v. Syn. authorize; commission
authorize; commission; give credit for

Spelling Word: accredit
Read [Esc] (20)
v. Syn. blame; condemn
blame; condemn

Spelling Word: accuse
Read [Esc] (21)
n. Syn. acquirement; attainment
act of contracting or assuming or acquiring possession of something

Spelling Word: acquisition
Read [Esc] (22)
n. Syn. abbreviation

Spelling Word: acronym
Read [Esc] (23)
cause someone to become dependent; indulge in; be devoted to

Spelling Word: addict
Read [Esc] (24)
causing or characterized by addiction

Spelling Word: addictive
Read [Esc] (25)
n. Syn. addition; supplement
addition; supplement

Spelling Word: additive
Read [Esc] (26)
a. Syn. adjoining; neighboring
adjoining; neighboring; close to; lying near

Spelling Word: adjacent
Read [Esc] (27)
v. Syn. attach
be next to; be contiguous to; border on

Spelling Word: adjoin
Read [Esc] (28)
v. Syn. adapt; regulate
adapt; regulate

Spelling Word: adjust
Read [Esc] (29)
n. Syn. clay; brick
clay; brick ;sun-dried brick; structure built with this type of brick

Spelling Word: adobe
Read [Esc] (30)
a juvenile between the onset of puberty and maturity;

Spelling Word: adolescent
Read [Esc] (31)
v. Syn. accept
accept; take on; raise; take into one's family

Spelling Word: adopt
Read [Esc] (32)
act of accepting with approval

Spelling Word: adoption
Read [Esc] (33)
n. Syn. arrival
coming or arrival, especially of something extremely important

Spelling Word: advent
Read [Esc] (34)
v. Syn. associate; incorporate
associate; incorporate

Spelling Word: affiliate
Read [Esc] (35)
v. Syn. assert; confirm
assert; confirm

Spelling Word: affirm
Read [Esc] (36)
n. Syn. calamity; distress; misfortune; pain
cause or condition of pain, suffering, or distress

Spelling Word: affliction
Read [Esc] (37)
able to pay for

Spelling Word: affordable
Read [Esc] (38)
n. Syn. anxiety; disturbance
anxiety; extreme emotional disturbance

Spelling Word: agitation
Read [Esc] (39)
be broadcast on television or radio

Spelling Word: air
Read [Esc] (40)
a. Syn. aloft
aloft; flying; in the air

Spelling Word: airborne
Read [Esc] (41)
n. Syn. arrangement; association; alliance
arrangement; association; alliance

Spelling Word: alignment
Read [Esc] (42)
v. Syn. assign
assign; distribute according to plan

Spelling Word: allocate
Read [Esc] (43)
v. Syn. combine; mix
combine; mix; make less pure; lessen or moderate

Spelling Word: alloy
Read [Esc] (44)
n. Syn. confederate; partner; collaborator
confederate; partner; collaborator

Spelling Word: ally
Read [Esc] (45)
a. Syn. apart; distant
apart; remote in manner; distant physically or emotionally; reserved and remote

Spelling Word: aloof
Read [Esc] (46)
v. Syn. stun; astonish; shock
astonish; affect with wonder

Spelling Word: amaze
Read [Esc] (47)
a. Syn. awesome; astounding; surprising
awesome; astounding; surprising

Spelling Word: amazing
Read [Esc] (48)
n. Syn. aspiration

Spelling Word: ambition
Read [Esc] (49)
a. Syn. aspiring; enterprising
aspiring; having a strong desire for success or achievement

Spelling Word: ambitious
Read [Esc] (50)
v. Syn. correct; improve
change for the better; improve; remove faults or errors

Spelling Word: amend
Read [Esc] (51)
n. Syn. correction; revision
correction; revision

Spelling Word: amendment
Read [Esc] (52)
addition of extra material or illustration or clarifying detail

Spelling Word: amplification
Read [Esc] (53)
v. Syn. intensify; increase
broaden or clarify by expanding; intensify; make larger or more powerful; increase

Spelling Word: amplify
Read [Esc] (54)
a. Syn. comparable
comparable; similar or alike

Spelling Word: analogous
Read [Esc] (55)
v. Syn. diagnose; examine; analyze
diagnose; examine

Spelling Word: analyze
Read [Esc] (56)
n. Syn. dissection
detailed analysis; branch of morphology that deals with the structure of animals

Spelling Word: anatomy
Read [Esc] (57)
inherited or inheritable by established rules

Spelling Word: ancestral
Read [Esc] (58)
v. Syn. attach
append or attach; take possession of; incorporate into an existing political unit

Spelling Word: annex
Read [Esc] (59)
v. Syn. destroy
destroy completely; reduce to nonexistence

Spelling Word: annihilate
Read [Esc] (60)
a. Syn. bothersome; troublesome; irritating
bothersome; troublesome; irritating

Spelling Word: annoying
Read [Esc] (61)
be earlier in time; go back further

Spelling Word: antedate
Read [Esc] (62)
n. Syn. collection
book of literary selections by various authors

Spelling Word: anthology
Read [Esc] (63)
a. Syn. antibacterial
of or relating to chemical substance that kills microorganisms and cures infections

Spelling Word: antibiotic
Read [Esc] (64)
v. Syn. expect; predict
act in advance of; deal with ahead of time; predict

Spelling Word: anticipate
Read [Esc] (65)
n. Syn. relic; curio
any furniture old and valuable; out of fashion

Spelling Word: antique
Read [Esc] (66)
beg pardon

Spelling Word: apologize
Read [Esc] (67)
n. Syn. attraction; charm
attraction; charm; attract; fascinate; challenge

Spelling Word: appeal
Read [Esc] (68)
a. Syn. attractive; charming
attractive; charming

Spelling Word: appealing
Read [Esc] (69)
n. Syn. desire
instinctive physical desire, especially one for food or drink

Spelling Word: appetite
Read [Esc] (70)
v. Syn. clap; acclaim
acclaim; express approval, especially by clapping the hands

Spelling Word: applaud
Read [Esc] (71)
n. Syn. candidate

Spelling Word: applicant
Read [Esc] (72)
n. Syn. diligence
close attention; work of applying something; verbal or written request for assistance

Spelling Word: application
Read [Esc] (73)
v. Syn. designate; nominate
designate; nominate

Spelling Word: appoint
Read [Esc] (74)
n. Syn. assessment; evaluation
assessment; evaluation; the classification of someone or something with respect to its worth

Spelling Word: appraisal
Read [Esc] (75)
a. Syn. considerable; perceptible
considerable; perceptible

Spelling Word: appreciable
Read [Esc] (76)
v. Syn. admire; value
be thankful for; increase in worth; be thoroughly conscious of

Spelling Word: appreciate
Read [Esc] (77)
n. Syn. access; method
access; method

Spelling Word: approach
Read [Esc] (78)
v. Syn. acquire; allocate
acquire; take possession of for one's own use; set apart for specific use

Spelling Word: appropriate
Read [Esc] (79)
v. Syn. approach
approach; come near

Spelling Word: approximate
Read [Esc] (80)
ad. Syn. about; roughly
about; roughly

Spelling Word: approximately
Read [Esc] (81)
a. Syn. watery
consisting of, relating to, or being in water

Spelling Word: aquatic
Read [Esc] (82)
continuous portion of a circle; something curved in shape

Spelling Word: arc
Read [Esc] (83)
a. Syn. hard; strenuous
demanding great effort or labor; difficult

Spelling Word: arduous
Read [Esc] (84)
n. Syn. arsenal
arsenal; a place where arms are manufactured

Spelling Word: armory
Read [Esc] (85)
n. Syn. composition; order
composition; order

Spelling Word: arrangement
Read [Esc] (86)
v. Syn. climb; mount
climb; mount

Spelling Word: ascend
Read [Esc] (87)
a. Syn. climbing; rising
climbing; rising

Spelling Word: ascending
Read [Esc] (88)
deprive of oxygen to the extent of producing death or very serious symptoms; suffocate

Spelling Word: asphyxiate
Read [Esc] (89)
n. Syn. ambition; longing
ambition; longing

Spelling Word: aspiration
Read [Esc] (90)
a. Syn. ambitious; enthusiastic
ambitious; enthusiastic

Spelling Word: aspiring
Read [Esc] (91)
n. Syn. attack; onslaught
attack; onslaught

Spelling Word: assault
Read [Esc] (92)
a group of persons together in one place

Spelling Word: assemblage
Read [Esc] (93)
v. Syn. declare
declare or state with confidence; put oneself forward boldly

Spelling Word: assert
Read [Esc] (94)
v. Syn. estimate; judge
estimate value; judge worth of something

Spelling Word: assess
Read [Esc] (95)
n. Syn. evaluation; judgment
act of judging or assessing; amount determined as payable

Spelling Word: assessment
Read [Esc] (96)
activity of contributing to fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose

Spelling Word: assistance
Read [Esc] (97)
ad. Syn. certainly; undoubtedly
certainly; undoubtedly

Spelling Word: assuredly
Read [Esc] (98)
amazed; surprised

Spelling Word: astonished
Read [Esc] (99)
v. Syn. surprise; shock
affect with wonder; surprise; shock

Spelling Word: astound
Read [Esc] (100)
a physicist who studies astronomy

Spelling Word: astronomer
Read [Esc] (101)
branch of physics that studies celestial bodies and universe as a whole

Spelling Word: astronomy
Read [Esc] (102)
n. Syn. air

Spelling Word: atmosphere
Read [Esc] (103)
a tiny piece of anything; the smallest component of an element having the chemical properties of the element

Spelling Word: atom
Read [Esc] (104)
n. Syn. preference; affection
a bond, as of affection or loyalty; fond regard; supplementary part; accessory

Spelling Word: attachment
Read [Esc] (105)
v. Syn. gain
achieve or accomplish; gain

Spelling Word: attain
Read [Esc] (106)
be present at; go to; take care of; tend

Spelling Word: attend
Read [Esc] (107)
act of being present

Spelling Word: attendance
Read [Esc] (108)
n. Syn. aide; servant
aide; servant; accompanying; person who participates in a meeting

Spelling Word: attendant
Read [Esc] (109)
n. Syn. concentration; care
act or state of attending or heeding; application of the mind to any object of sense, representation, or thought

Spelling Word: attention
Read [Esc] (110)
n. Syn. clothing; dress
clothing; dress

Spelling Word: attire
Read [Esc] (111)
n. Syn. affinity; appeal
appeal; a characteristic that provides pleasure and attracts

Spelling Word: attraction
Read [Esc] (112)
a. Syn. appealing; pleasing; inviting; intriguing; tempting
appealing; pleasing; inviting; tempting

Spelling Word: attractive
Read [Esc] (113)
area of theater or concert hall where audience sits

Spelling Word: auditorium
Read [Esc] (114)
biography or story written by yourself

Spelling Word: autobiography
Read [Esc] (115)
a. Syn. free
convenient for use or disposal; not busy, free; obtainable; accessible

Spelling Word: available
Read [Esc] (116)
n. Syn. sideline; hobby
activity taken up in addition to one's regular work or profession, usually for enjoyment

Spelling Word: avocation
Read [Esc] (117)
a. Syn. clumsy; inept
difficult to handle or manage

Spelling Word: awkward
Read [Esc] (118)
n. Syn. background; setting
background; setting

Spelling Word: backdrop
Read [Esc] (119)
n. Syn. equilibrium; symmetry; stability
being in equilibrium; equilibrium; symmetry; stability

Spelling Word: balance
Read [Esc] (120)
a sort of theatrical representation by dancers

Spelling Word: ballet
Read [Esc] (121)
conductor of a band

Spelling Word: bandmaster
Read [Esc] (122)
a vigorous blow; a conspicuous success

Spelling Word: bang
Read [Esc] (123)
cause to become financially ruin; ruin

Spelling Word: bankrupt
Read [Esc] (124)
n. Syn. caf‚
a counter where you can obtain food or drink; cafe; strip; stick

Spelling Word: bar
Read [Esc] (125)
a rack to hold meat for cooking over hot charcoal usually out of doors

Spelling Word: barbecue
Read [Esc] (126)
an outlying farm building for storing grain or animal feed and housing farm animals

Spelling Word: barn
Read [Esc] (127)
a. Syn. embellished; elaborate
complex or bizarre, especially in ornamentation; irregular in shape

Spelling Word: baroque
Read [Esc] (128)
a. Syn. desolate
desolate; fruitless and unproductive; lacking

Spelling Word: barren
Read [Esc] (129)
n. Syn. cellar
cellar; storage room

Spelling Word: basement
Read [Esc] (130)
bowl-shaped vessel, usually used for holding food or liquids

Spelling Word: basin
Read [Esc] (131)
covered with beads of liquid

Spelling Word: beaded
Read [Esc] (132)
n. Syn. conduct; manner
conduct; manner

Spelling Word: behavior
Read [Esc] (133)
v. Syn. harass
besiege or attack; harass; surround with troops

Spelling Word: beleaguer
Read [Esc] (134)
v. Syn. contradict
contradict; give a false impression

Spelling Word: belie
Read [Esc] (135)
a mechanical device that blows air onto a fire to make it burn more fiercely

Spelling Word: bellows
Read [Esc] (136)
n. Syn. welfare; gain
advantage; something that aids or promotes well-being ; welfare; gain

Spelling Word: benefit
Read [Esc] (137)
v. Syn. reveal
be unfaithful; reveal unconsciously or unwillingly

Spelling Word: betray
Read [Esc] (138)
a. Syn. cameral
composed of or based on two legislative chambers or branches

Spelling Word: bicameral
Read [Esc] (139)
an account of the series of events making up a person's life; accounts of people's life

Spelling Word: biography
Read [Esc] (140)
any of several large shaggy-manned humped bovid having large heads and short horns

Spelling Word: bison
Read [Esc] (141)
v. Syn. condemn; rebuke
condemn; rebuke; find fault with; censure

Spelling Word: blame
Read [Esc] (142)
n. Syn. flame
brilliant burst of fire; destructive fire; flame

Spelling Word: blaze
Read [Esc] (143)
a. Syn. cold; cheerless
cold or cheerless; unlikely to be favorable

Spelling Word: bleak
Read [Esc] (144)
n. Syn. combination; mixture
combination; mixture; forming uniform mixture

Spelling Word: blend
Read [Esc] (145)
blast; prevent the growth and fertility of; destroy the happiness of; ruin; frustrate

Spelling Word: blight
Read [Esc] (146)
direct and outspoken but good-natured

Spelling Word: bluff
Read [Esc] (147)
become rosy or reddish; turn red, as if in embarrassment or shame

Spelling Word: blush
Read [Esc] (148)
n. Syn. lumber; plank
a committee having supervisory powers; a flat piece of material designed for a special purpose

Spelling Word: board
Read [Esc] (149)
a. Syn. brave; daring; intrepid; impudent
brave; daring; intrepid; impudent

Spelling Word: bold
Read [Esc] (150)
n. Syn. boom
boom; rich mine, vein, or pocket of ore; sudden opportunity to make money

Spelling Word: bonanza
Read [Esc] (151)
n. Syn. bonanza; prosperity
bonanza; prosperity; prosper; expand; flourish

Spelling Word: boom
Read [Esc] (152)
n. Syn. blessing; benefit
blessing; benefit bestowed, especially in response to a request

Spelling Word: boon
Read [Esc] (153)
a. Syn. infinite; vast
being without boundaries or limits; infinite; vast

Spelling Word: boundless
Read [Esc] (154)
n. Syn. bunch
small cluster or arrangement of flowers; an arrangement of flowers that is usually given as a present

Spelling Word: bouquet
Read [Esc] (155)
n. Syn. violation; infringement
breaking of contract or duty

Spelling Word: breach
Read [Esc] (156)
air that is inhaled and exhaled in respiration

Spelling Word: breath
Read [Esc] (157)
n. Syn. cleverness; magnificence
cleverness; magnificence

Spelling Word: brilliance
Read [Esc] (158)
ad. Syn. brightly; radiantly
brightly; radiantly

Spelling Word: brilliantly
Read [Esc] (159)
n. Syn. brink; edge
brink; edge

Spelling Word: brim
Read [Esc] (160)
an alloy of copper and tin and sometimes other elements

Spelling Word: bronze
Read [Esc] (161)
n. Syn. creek; stream
creek; stream

Spelling Word: brook
Read [Esc] (162)
n. Syn. clump; cluster; gathering
clump; cluster; gathering

Spelling Word: bunch
Read [Esc] (163)
confusion of activity and gossip; sound of rapid vibration

Spelling Word: buzz
Read [Esc] (164)
a signaling device that makes a buzzing sound

Spelling Word: buzzer
Read [Esc] (165)
channel used to conduct gas or liquid around another pipe or a fixture; conductor having low resistance in parallel

Spelling Word: bypass
Read [Esc] (166)
a woodworker who specializes in making furniture;

Spelling Word: cabinetmaker
Read [Esc] (167)
v. Syn. compute; determine; estimate
compute; determine; estimate

Spelling Word: calculate
Read [Esc] (168)
n. Syn. adjustment; measurement
adjustment; measurement

Spelling Word: calibration
Read [Esc] (169)
act of cancelling; calling off some arrangement

Spelling Word: cancellation
Read [Esc] (170)
n. Syn. covering; umbrella
covering; umbrella

Spelling Word: canopy
Read [Esc] (171)
narrow chasm with steep cliff walls, cut into the earth by running water; a gorge

Spelling Word: canyon
Read [Esc] (172)
a. Syn. chief
chief; serving as an essential component

Spelling Word: cardinal
Read [Esc] (173)
v. Syn. cut; sculpt
cut; sculpt

Spelling Word: carve
Read [Esc] (174)
cutting away parts to create a desired shape

Spelling Word: carving
Read [Esc] (175)
container that holds a magnetic tape used for recording or playing sound or video

Spelling Word: cassette
Read [Esc] (176)
assign the roles of; choose at random

Spelling Word: cast
Read [Esc] (177)
choice of actors to play particular roles in a play or movie

Spelling Word: casting
Read [Esc] (178)
n. Syn. enzyme; stimulus
agent which brings about chemical change while it remains unaffected and unchanged

Spelling Word: catalyst
Read [Esc] (179)
n. Syn. calamity; disaster
calamity; disaster; state of extreme ruin and misfortune

Spelling Word: catastrophe
Read [Esc] (180)
a. Syn. contagious; charming; attractive
act of seizing or taking hold of; captivating; alluring

Spelling Word: catching
Read [Esc] (181)
v. Syn. classify; sort
classify; sort

Spelling Word: categorize
Read [Esc] (182)
a wormlike and often brightly colored and hairy or spiny larva of a butterfly or moth

Spelling Word: caterpillar
Read [Esc] (183)
n. Syn. church; temple
church; temple

Spelling Word: cathedral
Read [Esc] (184)
n. Syn. care
care; being attentive to possible danger

Spelling Word: caution
Read [Esc] (185)
a. Syn. conservative; careful
conservative; careful

Spelling Word: cautious
Read [Esc] (186)
n. Syn. cave
cave; large underground chamber, as in a cave

Spelling Word: cavern
Read [Esc] (187)
a widely known person

Spelling Word: celebrity
Read [Esc] (188)
any small compartment

Spelling Word: cell
Read [Esc] (189)
n. Syn. embarrassment; disappointment
anxiety caused by humiliation or injured pride; disappointment

Spelling Word: chagrin
Read [Esc] (190)
n. Syn. cell; compartment; room
cell; compartment; room

Spelling Word: chamber
Read [Esc] (191)
a stick of black carbon material used for drawing; a very dark gray color

Spelling Word: charcoal
Read [Esc] (192)
a. Syn. benevolent; kind; humane
benevolent; kind; humane

Spelling Word: charitable
Read [Esc] (193)
counter in a supermarket where you pay for your purchases; the latest time for vacating a hotel room

Spelling Word: checkout
Read [Esc] (194)
a professional cook

Spelling Word: chef
Read [Esc] (195)
a. Syn. cool
cool; freeze

Spelling Word: chill
Read [Esc] (196)
a. Syn. cold

Spelling Word: chilly
Read [Esc] (197)
courtesy towards women

Spelling Word: chivalry
Read [Esc] (198)
band or organized company of singers, especially in church service

Spelling Word: choir
Read [Esc] (199)
v. Syn. asphyxiate; suffocate
breathe with great difficulty, as when experiencing a strong emotion; reduce the air supply

Spelling Word: choke
Read [Esc] (200)
v. Syn. cut; hew
hew; cut by striking with a heavy sharp tool, such as an ax

Spelling Word: chop
Read [Esc] (201)
combination of three or more notes that blend harmoniously when sounded together

Spelling Word: chord
Read [Esc] (202)
a specific piece of work required to be done as a duty or for a specific fee

Spelling Word: chore
Read [Esc] (203)
art of representing dances in written symbols; arrangement of dances

Spelling Word: choreography
Read [Esc] (204)
any utterance produced simultaneously by a group

Spelling Word: chorus
Read [Esc] (205)
a gaseous layer of the sun's atmosphere

Spelling Word: chromosphere
Read [Esc] (206)
arranged in order of time of occurrence

Spelling Word: chronological
Read [Esc] (207)
beverage made from juice pressed from apples

Spelling Word: cider
Read [Esc] (208)
act of showing regard for others; courteous behavior; politeness; citizenship

Spelling Word: civility
Read [Esc] (209)
n. Syn. culture

Spelling Word: civilization
Read [Esc] (210)
demand for something as rightful or due

Spelling Word: claim
Read [Esc] (211)
v. Syn. tranquilize; soothe
be moist or glutinous; stick or adhere; produce or cause to clang

Spelling Word: clam
Read [Esc] (212)
v. Syn. applaud; slap
applaud; slap; strike together with a sharp sound, as one hard surface on another

Spelling Word: clap
Read [Esc] (213)
assigning to a class or category

Spelling Word: classification
Read [Esc] (214)
declare unavailable, as for security reasons; arrange or order by classes or categories

Spelling Word: classify
Read [Esc] (215)
clergymen collectively; body of people ordained for religious service

Spelling Word: clergy
Read [Esc] (216)
a member of the clergy and a spiritual leader of the Christian Church

Spelling Word: clergyman
Read [Esc] (217)
cut, cut off, or cut out with or as if with shears; cut off the edge of:

Spelling Word: clip
Read [Esc] (218)
v. Syn. congest; jam
congest; jam

Spelling Word: clog
Read [Esc] (219)
a. Syn. awkward; inept
awkward; showing lack of skill or aptitude

Spelling Word: clumsy
Read [Esc] (220)
device for gripping and holding; tense, critical situation

Spelling Word: clutch
Read [Esc] (221)
v. Syn. combine; fuse; mix
combine; fuse; grow together; come together so as to form one whole; unite

Spelling Word: coalesce
Read [Esc] (222)
v. Syn. classify
arrange laws, rules as a code; classify; arrange or systematize

Spelling Word: codify
Read [Esc] (223)
a. Syn. adhesive; cohesive
adhesive; cohesive; sticking together ; logical; sound; capable of thinking and expressing yourself in a clear and consistent manner

Spelling Word: coherent
Read [Esc] (224)
cohering or tending to cohere; well integrated

Spelling Word: cohesive
Read [Esc] (225)
n. Syn. ring; roll
a series of connected spirals or concentric rings formed by gathering or winding; spiral pipe or series of spiral pipes

Spelling Word: coil
Read [Esc] (226)
coins collectively

Spelling Word: coinage
Read [Esc] (227)
concerning; simultaneous

Spelling Word: coincident
Read [Esc] (228)
breakdown; failure

Spelling Word: collapse
Read [Esc] (229)
a. Syn. common
common; assembled into or viewed as a whole

Spelling Word: collective
Read [Esc] (230)
bump; hit; conflict

Spelling Word: collide
Read [Esc] (231)
n. Syn. crash; impact
crash; conflict of opposed ideas or attitudes or goals

Spelling Word: collision
Read [Esc] (232)
colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech

Spelling Word: colloquialism
Read [Esc] (233)
a commissioned military officer

Spelling Word: colonel
Read [Esc] (234)
n. Syn. blend; union
blend; union

Spelling Word: combination
Read [Esc] (235)
v. Syn. blend; fuse; merge
blend; fuse; merge

Spelling Word: combine
Read [Esc] (236)
a. Syn. flammable; burnable; inflammable
capable of igniting and burning; easily aroused or excited

Spelling Word: combustible
Read [Esc] (237)
act of burning something

Spelling Word: combustion
Read [Esc] (238)
an object that goes around the sun

Spelling Word: comet
Read [Esc] (239)
arousing or provoking laughter

Spelling Word: comical
Read [Esc] (240)
n. Syn. chief; leader
chief; leader

Spelling Word: commander
Read [Esc] (241)
written explanation or criticism or illustration that is added to a book or other textual material

Spelling Word: commentary
Read [Esc] (242)
a writer who reports and analyzes events of the day

Spelling Word: commentator
Read [Esc] (243)
a. Syn. dedicated; devoted
dedicated; devoted

Spelling Word: committed
Read [Esc] (244)
activity of communicating; activity of conveying information

Spelling Word: communication
Read [Esc] (245)
a. Syn. compressed; condensed; concise
closely and firmly united or packed together; briefly giving gist of something

Spelling Word: compact
Read [Esc] (246)
an increase in the density of something

Spelling Word: compaction
Read [Esc] (247)
n. Syn. associate; partner
associate; partner

Spelling Word: companion
Read [Esc] (248)
v. Syn. vie; contest; fight
contest; fight

Spelling Word: compete
Read [Esc] (249)
a. Syn. capable; adept
capable; adept

Spelling Word: competent
Read [Esc] (250)
an aggressive willingness to compete

Spelling Word: competitiveness
Read [Esc] (251)
n. Syn. arrogance; satisfaction
arrogance; satisfaction; feeling you have when you are satisfied with yourself

Spelling Word: complacence
Read [Esc] (252)
v. Syn. complete; consummate
complete; consummate; make perfect

Spelling Word: complement
Read [Esc] (253)
a. Syn. intricate; compound
complicated in structure; a whole structure, as a building, made up of interconnected or related structures

Spelling Word: complex
Read [Esc] (254)
n. Syn. complication

Spelling Word: complexity
Read [Esc] (255)
a. Syn. intricate; circuitous
difficult to analyze or understand

Spelling Word: complicated
Read [Esc] (256)
n. Syn. complexity; intricacy
complexity; intricacy; any disease or disorder that occurs during the course of another disease

Spelling Word: complication
Read [Esc] (257)
v. Syn. combine; constitute
combine; mix; constitute; pay interest; increase

Spelling Word: compound
Read [Esc] (258)
v. Syn. squeeze; contract
close; squeeze or press together; contract

Spelling Word: compress
Read [Esc] (259)
a. Syn. compact

Spelling Word: compressed
Read [Esc] (260)
applying pressure; encoding information while reducing the bandwidth or bits required

Spelling Word: compression
Read [Esc] (261)
adjust or settle by making mutual concessions; endanger the interests or reputation of

Spelling Word: compromise
Read [Esc] (262)
n. Syn. calculation

Spelling Word: computation
Read [Esc] (263)
v. Syn. admit; yield
admit; yield; give up physical control of another

Spelling Word: concede
Read [Esc] (264)
v. Syn. design; consider
form or develop in the mind; devise; become pregnant with; begin or originate in a specific way

Spelling Word: conceive
Read [Esc] (265)
n. Syn. thought; idea
beginning; forming of an idea; act of conceiving

Spelling Word: conception
Read [Esc] (266)
being or characterized by concepts or their formation

Spelling Word: conceptual
Read [Esc] (267)
composition for orchestra and a soloist

Spelling Word: concerto
Read [Esc] (268)
a. Syn. succinct; terse
brief and compact; expressing much in few words

Spelling Word: concise
Read [Esc] (269)
n. Syn. brevity
brevity; terseness and economy in writing and speaking

Spelling Word: conciseness
Read [Esc] (270)
a. Syn. definitive; decisive; final
definitive; decisive; final

Spelling Word: conclusive
Read [Esc] (271)
v. Syn. blame; denounce
blame; denounce; express strong disapproval of

Spelling Word: condemn
Read [Esc] (272)
n. Syn. blame

Spelling Word: condemnation
Read [Esc] (273)
n. Syn. compression

Spelling Word: condensation
Read [Esc] (274)
change from a gaseous to a liquid state and fall in drops; compress or concentrate

Spelling Word: condense
Read [Esc] (275)
v. Syn. accompany; direct
direct the course of; manage or control; lead or guide

Spelling Word: conduct
Read [Esc] (276)
a device designed to transmit electricity, heat; person who collects fares on a public conveyance

Spelling Word: conductor
Read [Esc] (277)
a shape whose base is a circle and whose sides taper up to a point

Spelling Word: cone
Read [Esc] (278)
n. Syn. alliance

Spelling Word: confederacy
Read [Esc] (279)
n. Syn. ally; collaborator
ally; form a group or unite

Spelling Word: confederate
Read [Esc] (280)
bestow; present; have a conference in order to talk something over

Spelling Word: confer
Read [Esc] (281)
v. Syn. acknowledge; admit
acknowledge; admit

Spelling Word: confess
Read [Esc] (282)
a. Syn. assured
assured; having or marked by assurance

Spelling Word: confident
Read [Esc] (283)
arrangement of parts or elements; outline

Spelling Word: configuration
Read [Esc] (284)
additional proof that something that was believed

Spelling Word: confirmation
Read [Esc] (285)
n. Syn. conflux; throng
act of two things flowing together; junction or meeting place where two things meet

Spelling Word: confluence
Read [Esc] (286)
comply with; follow; fit; meet

Spelling Word: conform
Read [Esc] (287)
behavior in correspondence with socially accepted standards

Spelling Word: conformity
Read [Esc] (288)
be face to face with; oppose in hostility or competition; deal with

Spelling Word: confront
Read [Esc] (289)
a. Syn. compatible

Spelling Word: congenial
Read [Esc] (290)
n. Syn. assortment
corporation made up of different companies in diversified fields; composing of heterogeneous elements gathered into a mass

Spelling Word: conglomerate
Read [Esc] (291)
act of acknowledging that someone has an occasion for celebration

Spelling Word: congratulation
Read [Esc] (292)
assemble; convene; gather

Spelling Word: congregate
Read [Esc] (293)
any gymnospermous tree or shrub bearing cones

Spelling Word: conifer
Read [Esc] (294)
believe especially on uncertain or tentative grounds

Spelling Word: conjecture
Read [Esc] (295)
a. Syn. diligent; responsible; reliable
diligent; responsible; reliable

Spelling Word: conscientious
Read [Esc] (296)
a. Syn. awake
awake; alert

Spelling Word: conscious
Read [Esc] (297)
a political or theological orientation advocating the preservation of the best in society and opposing radical changes

Spelling Word: conservatism
Read [Esc] (298)
considerate and thoughtful act

Spelling Word: consideration
Read [Esc] (299)
a. Syn. compatible; harmonious
compatible; harmonious

Spelling Word: consonant
Read [Esc] (300)
v. Syn. associate; join; [___] with
associate; join

Spelling Word: consort
Read [Esc] (301)
a group of people or organizations that have agreed to work together

Spelling Word: consortium
Read [Esc] (302)
n. Syn. gathering; cluster
a number of stars seen from the Earth as a group and often having a name

Spelling Word: constellation
Read [Esc] (303)
n. Syn. component; element; ingredient
component or part; citizen, voter

Spelling Word: constituent
Read [Esc] (304)
act of constructing or building something

Spelling Word: construction
Read [Esc] (305)
an expert who gives advice

Spelling Word: consultant
Read [Esc] (306)
v. Syn. devour; eat
devour; eat

Spelling Word: consume
Read [Esc] (307)
n. Syn. receptacle
any object that can be used to hold things

Spelling Word: container
Read [Esc] (308)
contestant you hope to defeat

Spelling Word: contender
Read [Esc] (309)
n. Syn. controversy
competing as for profit or prize

Spelling Word: contention
Read [Esc] (310)
n. Syn. circumstance; setting

Spelling Word: context
Read [Esc] (311)
being or concerning or limited to a continent

Spelling Word: continental
Read [Esc] (312)
n. Syn. configuration; outline
configuration; outline

Spelling Word: contour
Read [Esc] (313)
v. Syn. shrink; constrict
constrict; make smaller; compress or concentrate

Spelling Word: contract
Read [Esc] (314)
act of decreasing something in size or volume or quantity or scope

Spelling Word: contraction
Read [Esc] (315)
v. Syn. confront; oppose
confront; oppose

Spelling Word: contradict
Read [Esc] (316)
act of distinguishing by comparing differences

Spelling Word: contrast
Read [Esc] (317)
a. Syn. controvertible; disputable
controvertible; disputable

Spelling Word: controversial
Read [Esc] (318)
n. Syn. contention; argument
contentious speech act; argument

Spelling Word: controversy
Read [Esc] (319)
based upon tradition rules; formed by agreement or compact

Spelling Word: conventional
Read [Esc] (320)
v. Syn. approach
approach; tend to meet; come together

Spelling Word: converge
Read [Esc] (321)
characteristic of informal spoken language or conversation

Spelling Word: conversational
Read [Esc] (322)
v. Syn. chat
chat; talk informally; engage in a spoken exchange of thoughts

Spelling Word: converse
Read [Esc] (323)
n. Syn. change; transformation
change; transformation

Spelling Word: conversion
Read [Esc] (324)
n. Syn. transform
change something into another form; transform

Spelling Word: convert
Read [Esc] (325)
a device for changing one substance or form or state into another

Spelling Word: converter
Read [Esc] (326)
a. Syn. bulging
curving outward; having surface that bulges outward, as the exterior of sphere

Spelling Word: convex
Read [Esc] (327)
certain, sure

Spelling Word: convinced
Read [Esc] (328)
barrel or cask for liquor; enclosure or cage, as for poultry or small animals

Spelling Word: coop
Read [Esc] (329)
v. Syn. integrate; harmonize
bring order and organization to; harmonize

Spelling Word: coordinate
Read [Esc] (330)
n. Syn. center; essence
basic, center, or most important part; essence

Spelling Word: core
Read [Esc] (331)
a brass musical instrument with a brilliant tone

Spelling Word: cornet
Read [Esc] (332)
an army unit usually consisting of two or more divisions; a body of people associated together

Spelling Word: corps
Read [Esc] (333)
be compatible, similar or consistent; exchange messages

Spelling Word: correspond
Read [Esc] (334)

Spelling Word: corresponding
Read [Esc] (335)
destroy metal or alloy gradually, especially by chemical action; be eaten or worn away

Spelling Word: corrode
Read [Esc] (336)
n. Syn. decay; erosion
decay; erosion

Spelling Word: corrosion
Read [Esc] (337)
n. Syn. bribery; fraud
bribery; fraud

Spelling Word: corruption
Read [Esc] (338)
v. Syn. advise; suggest
advise; suggest

Spelling Word: counsel
Read [Esc] (339)
n. Syn. pair
a male and female associated together; a pair who associate with one another

Spelling Word: couple
Read [Esc] (340)
building that houses judicial courts

Spelling Word: courthouse
Read [Esc] (341)
a man's courting of a woman; seeking the affections of a woman

Spelling Word: courtship
Read [Esc] (342)
a hired hand who tends cattle and performs other duties on horseback

Spelling Word: cowhand
Read [Esc] (343)
a. Syn. comfortable; relaxing
comfortable; relaxing

Spelling Word: cozy
Read [Esc] (344)
a stroke of the oar that either misses the water or digs too deeply

Spelling Word: crab
Read [Esc] (345)
break into simpler molecules by means of heat; split; hit forcefully; pass through

Spelling Word: crack
Read [Esc] (346)
a bowl-shaped opening at the top of a volcano

Spelling Word: crater
Read [Esc] (347)
n. Syn. credit; faith
credit; faith

Spelling Word: credence
Read [Esc] (348)
n. Syn. certificate; warrant
certificate; warrant

Spelling Word: credential
Read [Esc] (349)
n. Syn. reputation; prestige
arrangement for deferred payment for goods and services; money available for a client to borrow

Spelling Word: credit
Read [Esc] (350)
n. Syn. debtor
a person to whom money is owed by a debtor; someone to whom an obligation exists

Spelling Word: creditor
Read [Esc] (351)
a. Syn. bloody

Spelling Word: crimson
Read [Esc] (352)
a diagonal path; a route shorter than the usual one

Spelling Word: crosscut
Read [Esc] (353)
v. Syn. fall apart; disintegrate
break into small pieces; cause to fall in pieces

Spelling Word: crumble
Read [Esc] (354)
consisting of or containing or of the nature of crystals

Spelling Word: crystalline
Read [Esc] (355)
a mental synthesis that becomes fixed or concrete by a process resembling crystal formation

Spelling Word: crystallization
Read [Esc] (356)
assume crystalline form; cause to take on a definite and clear shape

Spelling Word: crystallize
Read [Esc] (357)
an artistic movement in France beginning in 1907 that featured surfaces of geometrical planes

Spelling Word: cubism
Read [Esc] (358)
cylindrical green fruit with thin green rind and white flesh eaten as a vegetable; related to melons

Spelling Word: cucumber
Read [Esc] (359)
n. Syn. civilization
all the knowledge and values shared by a society ; foster; raising of plants or animals

Spelling Word: culture
Read [Esc] (360)
a small room or cabinet used for storage space

Spelling Word: cupboard
Read [Esc] (361)
a. Syn. inquisitive
difficult to please or satisfy; careful or anxious to learn; eager for knowledge; given to research or inquiry

Spelling Word: curious
Read [Esc] (362)
n. Syn. course; program
course; program

Spelling Word: curriculum
Read [Esc] (363)
n. Syn. curator; guardian
curator; guardian

Spelling Word: custodian
Read [Esc] (364)
cylindrical container

Spelling Word: cylinder