100 Phrases with Meaning and Sentence

One hundred common phrases with meaning and sentence in academic reading; we select these phrases from the latest English media, with special meanings in contexts.
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 100 Common Phrases in Academic Reading
put in  Speak
to make a formal offer or declaration of
Twitter should have a mechanism for users to flag illegal content, act upon notifications expeditiously, and put in measures to address the spread of disinformation. BBC News
carbon-date  Speak
to determine the age of an organic object by examining the relative proportions of the carbon isotopes
While it's thought the cave would once have been brightly painted, the minimal pigment remains, and that which does is too contaminated to be carbon-dated. BBC News
ley line  Speak
an imaginary line between some important places such as hills, believed to be where there were very old paths
Those of an esoteric disposition have claimed that the cave lies at the intersection of two ley lines - ancient pathways theorized to connect places of spiritual power. BBC News
breaking wheel  Speak
was a torture method used for public execution, primarily in Europe before 18 century
There's Saint Catherine with her breaking wheel, who was only 18 when she was martyred, and Saint Lawrence, who was burnt to death on a griddle. BBC News
iron grip  Speak
total, dominant control over someone or something
They find it easier to control their emotions, avoid procrastination and stick to their goals without seeming to lose their iron grip on their behavior. BBC News
on-site  Speak
available or happening in the place where people work, rather than somewhere else
He cites the example of lavish on-site perks, benefits like dry cleaning and sushi chefs helping to keep the employee in the office for as long as possible. BBC News
over drinks  Speak
sitting around and talking and having drinks
Over drinks one night, Cardozo shared a short, somewhat cheeky passage in the autobiography in which the director cryptically confirmed the burial. BBC News
set piece  Speak
a scene, depiction, speech, or event that is obviously designed to have an imposing effect
His main set piece was an enormous Egyptian temple that took a few historical liberties by melding Egyptian motifs with a sleek 1920s aesthetic. BBC News
lead the charge  Speak
to be one of the first to do something and lead them to do it too
The balloon gave Republicans an opening to lead the charge in demanding action against the brazen disregard for US sovereignty. BBC News
make sure  Speak
to establish that something is definitely so; confirm
Blinken wants to avoid competition veering into conflict; one of the ways you do that is by making sure that you have good lines of communication. BBC News
silver bullet  Speak
a simple solution to a complicated problem
Patriots are another step on that same path that will antagonize Moscow; they're not a silver bullet, but they are extremely capable and effective. BBC News
shoot down  Speak
put an end to, reject
The politicians responded to Zelensky by valorizing him, but Zelensky resisted this wisely; he deftly shot down the older comedian’s attempts to cast him as a hero. New Yorker
immune profile  Speak
immune response when they are exposed to a virus and potentially predict health outcomes
The longer the virus spreads, the more it evolves, and when it spreads in a population with a new immune profile, the odds of unpredictable mutations rise. Hindustan Times
be in the grip of  Speak
to be experiencing a very unpleasant situation that cannot be controlled or stopped
China is now in the grip of its worst Covid-19 outbreak, having been forced to dismantle its restrictive virus control measures. Hindustan Times
pitch something into  Speak
to throw, toss, or discard something casually into something else
The volley of missiles unleashed Friday pitched multiple cities into darkness, cutting water and heat and forcing people to endure freezing cold. Hindustan Times
fell off  Speak
become less in number, amount, or quality
In remote work, email communications between different units fell off, leading to a decrease in weak ties that undergird the exchange of new ideas. MIT News
get down to  Speak
to start something
I like to try to get down to pinpoint what are the precise laws, ordinances, policies, and specific social processes, which continue to generate inequality. MIT News
fill in  Speak
complete a drawing by adding color or shade to the spaces within an outline
Now, the new work fills in the picture, showing that, with its high mobility for both electrons and holes, MIT News
solar cell  Speak
an electrical device that converts the energy of light directly into electricity
Companies looking to harness their potential do have to address some hurdles before the solar cells can be commercially competitive. MIT News
underserve  Speak
supply with insufficient services, especially social and health services
Two such issues that particularly intrigue her are internet access and privacy for underserved populations. MIT News
time-honored  Speak
respected or valued because it has existed for a long time
The people engaged in a lively colloquy with Chomsky in line with time-honored linguistics department tradition. MIT News
root out  Speak
eradicate, eliminate
They utilized a systematic method to root out signs of topology in all known crystalline structures, also known as inorganic solid-state materials. MIT News
shelf-life  Speak
the period during which a material may be stored and remain suitable for use
We will see mRNA vaccines with improved stability and shelf-life; it is also possible to rapidly create a new vaccine for an emergent pathogen. MIT News
bulk production  Speak
the final product being produced based on the mass order requirements
Conventional vaccine relies on bulk production using mammalian cells, while mRNA vaccines turn into the final product only once inside a patient’s cells. MIT News
account for  Speak
to give a reason or explanation for something
Costly signaling is just one thing we do that seems irrational on the surface but has a deeper logic behind it - a logic accounted for by the field of game theory. MIT News
ethical dimensions  Speak
the competency throughout the curriculum so that students will identify ethical principles in the analysis of social and political problems
More than 500 students enrolled in the spring term grappled with these ethical dimensions alongside their efforts to learn new computing techniques. MIT News
ladder polymer  Speak
a polymer, as DNA, consisting of double-stranded chains linked by hydrogen bonds
They are referred to as ladder polymers because they are formed from double strands connected by rung-like bonds, and these linkages provide a high degree of rigidity. MIT News
lay bare  Speak
reveal or explain; point out frankly, bring into open
In 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic laid bare additional discrepancies in resource equity around the world, his goal did not waiver. MIT News
storyline  Speak
the plot of a novel, play, movie, or other narrative forms; the series of events that happen in it
He has realized the importance of making data accessible and discovered the power of framing data to control a storyline. MIT News
power grid  Speak
a network of electrical transmission lines connecting generating stations to a wide area
Because the machine-learning model does not require annotated data on power grid anomalies for training, it would be easier to apply in real-world situations. MIT News
hearken back  Speak
bring to mind something in the past
I just like the idea of railroads. It’s a very nostalgic, romantic idea, especially in the U.S. It hearkens back to going out West, the adventure. MIT News
swim meet  Speak
a large gathering of athletes for a swimming competition
Rosado tells the story of when she clocked her best time yet at a swim meet. MIT News
give rise to  Speak
to cause something
Even in classical physics, this gives rise to intriguing pattern formation, like clouds wrapping around the Earth in beautiful spiral motions. MIT News