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Barron GRE Vocabulary List 14: Print One-sided Flashcard

 (सहकर्मी) gaze; stare; look searchingly; company with
E.g.We peer in at ten infants through the glass walls of a new-born nursery, imagining the bright futures ahead in the 80 years of life they can expect.
 (अद्वितीय) having no equal; incomparable
E.g.At our town Sam is a peerless cooker: no one could compare with him.
 (पारदर्शक) transparent; limpid; easy to understand
E.g.After reading these stodgy philosophers, I find Bertrand Russell's pellucid style very enjoyable.
 (लगन) strong inclination; definite liking
E.g.There is a certain penchant in true believers to ignore input which conflicts and contradicts that belief.
 (लंबित) not yet decided or settled; awaiting conclusion or confirmation
E.g.She was held in custody pending trial.
 (घुसना) pierce; go through; permeate
E.g.You can hear her piano practice penetrate each room of the house.
 (पश्चातापी) feeling or expressing deep regret for misdeeds
E.g.When he realized the enormity of his crime, he became remorseful and penitent.
 (चिंताग्रस्त) deeply, often dreamily thoughtful; engaged in serious thought or reflection; contemplative
E.g.The pensive lover gazed at the portrait of his beloved and deeply sighed.
 (दरिद्रता) extreme poverty; lack of something; barrenness; insufficiency
E.g.When his pension fund failed, George feared he would end his days in penury. He became such a penny pincher that he turned into a closefisted, penurious miser.
 (ज्ञानविषयक) insightful; aware; wise; having the ability to perceive
E.g.In sense capacity, in perceptive and discriminative ability, there is likewise a practical equality.
 (टक्कर) striking one object against another sharply
E.g.The drum is a percussion instrument.
 (तबाही) entire ruin; utter destruction, especially, utter loss of soul, or of final happiness in future
E.g.Praying for salvation, young Steven Daedalus feared he was damned to eternal perdition.
 (सफ़र) travel or journey, especially by foot, notably by pilgrim
E.g.Auntie Mame was a world traveler whose previous peregrination took her from Tiajuana to Timbuctoo.
 (अलंघ्य) offensively self-assured; dictatorial; not allowing contradiction or refusal
E.g.From Jack's peremptory knock on the door, Jill could tell he would not give up until she let him in.
 (बारहमासी) lasting indefinitely long time; suggesting self-renewal; remaining active throughout all the time
E.g.These plants are hardy perennial and will bloom for many years.
 (बेवफ़ा) tending to betray; disloyal; faithless
E.g.When Caesar realized that Brutus had betrayed him, he reproached his perfidious friend.
 (छेदना) pierce, punch, or bore hole or holes in; penetrate
E.g.Before you can open the aspirin bottle, you must first perforate the plastic safety seal that covers the cap.
 (बेपरवाह) done routinely and with little interest or care; acting with indifference; showing little interest or care
E.g.I introduced myself, and at my name his perfunctory manner changed; I knew he heard me before.
 (परिधि) outer boundary length; closed curve bounding a plane area
E.g.Find the largest possible width if the the perimeter is at most 64 cm.
 (परिधीय) located in outer boundary; unimportant; auxiliary
E.g.We lived, not in central London, but in one of those peripheral suburbs that spring up on the outskirts of a great city.