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Read [Esc] (1) n. [पहुँच] approach; entry; entrance

Spelling Word: access
Read [Esc] (2) v. [सक्रिय] make active or more active; stimulate; make radioactive

Spelling Word: activate
Read [Esc] (3) n. [निष्ठा] loyalty to a nation, sovereign, or cause; fidelity to any person or thing; devotion

Spelling Word: allegiance
Read [Esc] (4) n. [शरण] place of refuge or shelter; protection

Spelling Word: asylum
Read [Esc] (5) n. [वकील] lawyer; one who is appointed by another to act in his place or stead; proxy

Spelling Word: attorney
Read [Esc] (6) v. [ऑडिशन] take part in a trial performance; evaluate in a trial performance

Spelling Word: audition
Read [Esc] (7) n. [बेकन] back and sides of a pig salted and smoked

Spelling Word: bacon
Read [Esc] (8) n. [खलिहान] an outlying farm building for storing grain or animal feed and housing farm animals

Spelling Word: barn
Read [Esc] (9) n. [कब्रिस्तान] place or ground set apart for the burial of the dead; graveyard

Spelling Word: cemetery
Read [Esc] (10) n. [बधाई] praise; commendation; say something to someone that expresses praise

Spelling Word: compliment