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Read [Esc] (1)
(رسوا) humiliate; lower or depress in rank or esteem

Spelling Word: abase
Read [Esc] (2)
(abash) embarrass; make ashamed or uneasy; disconcert

Spelling Word: abash
Read [Esc] (3)
(aberrant) subside; decrease; become less in amount or intensity

Spelling Word: abate
Read [Esc] (4)
(abjure) make shorter; reduce to shorter form intended to represent full form, as for word or phrase

Spelling Word: abbreviate
Read [Esc] (5)
(چھوڑ) give up, renounce, abandon, lay down, or withdraw from, as a right or claim

Spelling Word: abdicate
Read [Esc] (6)
abnormal; markedly different from an accepted norm

Spelling Word: aberrant
Read [Esc] (7)
(abet) aid, usually in doing something wrong; encourage

Spelling Word: abet
Read [Esc] (8)
(پراستگت) suspended action; temporary cessation or suspension

Spelling Word: abeyance
Read [Esc] (9)
(ان تمام معاملات میں) fill with horror and loathing; horrify; hate

Spelling Word: abhor
Read [Esc] (10)
(گھور) being of the most miserable kind; wretched; lacking pride; brought low in condition or status

Spelling Word: abject
Read [Esc] (11)
(aberrant abjure) renounce upon oath; abandon forever

Spelling Word: abjure
Read [Esc] (12)
(ہونے) washing or cleansing of the body, especially as part of religious rite

Spelling Word: ablution
Read [Esc] (13)
(abbreviate انکار) repudiation; self-sacrifice; renouncing your own interests in favor of interests of others

Spelling Word: abnegation
Read [Esc] (14)
(ٹھکانا) act of waiting; delay; stay or continuance in a place

Spelling Word: abode
Read [Esc] (15)
(مٹاتا) cancel; put an end to; destroy completely

Spelling Word: abolish
Read [Esc] (16)
(گھرنیت) detestable; extremely unpleasant; very bad

Spelling Word: abominable
Read [Esc] (17)
(قبائلی) being the first of its kind in a region; primitive; native

Spelling Word: aboriginal
Read [Esc] (18)
(ناکام) unsuccessful; failing to accomplish an intended objective; fruitless

Spelling Word: abortive
Read [Esc] (19)
(abnegate) rubbing away; tending to grind down

Spelling Word: abrasive
Read [Esc] (20)
(abridge) condense; shorten; reduce length of written text

Spelling Word: abridge
Read [Esc] (21)
(منسوخ) abolish, do away with, or annul, especially by authority

Spelling Word: abrogate
Read [Esc] (22)
(فرار) leave quickly and secretly and hide oneself, often to avoid arrest or prosecution

Spelling Word: abscond
Read [Esc] (23)
(سراسر) perfect in quality or nature; complete; totally unlimited; certain

Spelling Word: absolute
Read [Esc] (24)
(ساقط) let off hook; relieve of requirement or obligation

Spelling Word: absolve
Read [Esc] (25)
(سنیمی) sparing or moderation in eating and drinking; temperate

Spelling Word: abstemious
Read [Esc] (26)
(سنیم) restraint from eating or drinking; refraining from indulging appetite or desire

Spelling Word: abstinence
Read [Esc] (27)
(امورت) theoretical; not concrete; not applied or practical; difficult to understand

Spelling Word: abstract
Read [Esc] (28)
(abyss) obscure; profound; difficult to understand.

Spelling Word: abstruse
Read [Esc] (29)
(بدسلوکی) coarsely insulting; physically harmful; characterized by improper or wrongful use

Spelling Word: abusive
Read [Esc] (30)
(abut) border upon; adjoin; touch or end at one end or side; lie adjacent

Spelling Word: abut
Read [Esc] (31)
(خراب) bottomless; very profound; limitless; very bad

Spelling Word: abysmal
Read [Esc] (32)
(abyss) enormous chasm; vast bottomless pit; any deep, immeasurable space; hell

Spelling Word: abyss
Read [Esc] (33)
(تعلیمی) related to school; not practical or directly useful; relating to scholarly organization; based on formal education

Spelling Word: academic
Read [Esc] (34)
(accede) agree; give consent, often at insistence of another; concede

Spelling Word: accede
Read [Esc] (35)
(تیز) move faster; cause to develop or progress more quickly; occur sooner than expected

Spelling Word: accelerate
Read [Esc] (36)
(رسائی) easily approached or entered; obtainable; easy to talk to or get along with

Spelling Word: accessible
Read [Esc] (37)
(شرارت آلات) additional object; useful but not essential thing; subordinate or supplementary item

Spelling Word: accessory
Read [Esc] (38)
(تعریف) applaud; announce with great approval

Spelling Word: acclaim
Read [Esc] (39)
(abrasive) accustom or become accustomed to a new environment or situation; adapt

Spelling Word: acclimate
Read [Esc] (40)
(acclivity) upward slope, as of hill

Spelling Word: acclivity
Read [Esc] (41)
(accolade) award of merit; expression of approval; praise

Spelling Word: accolade
Read [Esc] (42)
(ایڈجسٹ) do a favor or service for; provide for; supply with; make suitable; adapt; allow for

Spelling Word: accommodate
Read [Esc] (43)
(ساتھی) partner in crime; associate in wrongdoing

Spelling Word: accomplice
Read [Esc] (44)
(مخلوقات) settlement or compromise of conflicting opinions; written agreement between two states

Spelling Word: accord
Read [Esc] (45)
(خطاب) approach and speak to boldly or aggressively, as with demand or request

Spelling Word: accost
Read [Esc] (46)
(اضافہ) growth or increase in size by gradual external addition, fusion, or inclusion

Spelling Word: accretion
Read [Esc] (47)
(جزا) increase, accumulate, or come about as a result of growth; accumulate over time

Spelling Word: accrue
Read [Esc] (48)
(acerbity) bitterness of speech and temper; sourness or acidness of taste, character, or tone

Spelling Word: acerbity
Read [Esc] (49)
(accouter) having properties of vinegar; sour

Spelling Word: acetic
Read [Esc] (50)
(acidulous) slightly sour in taste or in manner; sharp; caustic

Spelling Word: acidulous
Read [Esc] (51)
(بیان تسلیم) declare to be true or admit; express obligation, thanks

Spelling Word: acknowledge
Read [Esc] (52)
(acme turbid) the highest point or level, as of achievement or development; maturity or perfection of animal

Spelling Word: acme
Read [Esc] (53)
(مںہاسی) skin condition, usually of the face, that is common in adolescents, characterized by red pimples, caused by inflammation

Spelling Word: acne
Read [Esc] (54)
(صوتی) science of sound; quality that makes a room easy or hard to hear in

Spelling Word: acoustics
Read [Esc] (55)
(acquiesce) assent; agree without protesting

Spelling Word: acquiesce
Read [Esc] (56)
(بری) state of being found or proved not guilty; judgment of not guilty

Spelling Word: acquittal
Read [Esc] (57)
(accentuate acrid) unpleasantly sharp or bitter to taste or smell; bitterly pungent

Spelling Word: acrid
Read [Esc] (58)
(رنگستاپک acrimonious) bitter and sharp in language, tone, or manner

Spelling Word: acrimonious
Read [Esc] (59)
(acrophobia) fear of heights; abnormal fear of high places

Spelling Word: acrophobia
Read [Esc] (60)
(بیمانکک) calculating; pertaining to insurance statistics

Spelling Word: actuarial
Read [Esc] (61)
(منظوری actuate) put into motion or action; activate

Spelling Word: actuate
Read [Esc] (62)
(تیکشنتا) sharpness; acuteness of vision or perception; keenness

Spelling Word: acuity
Read [Esc] (63)
(کوشل) mental keenness; quickness of perception

Spelling Word: acumen
Read [Esc] (64)
(شدید) quickly perceptive; keen; having a sharp point or tip; extremely sharp or severe

Spelling Word: acute
Read [Esc] (65)
(کہاوت) wise saying; brief familiar proverb; expression of popular wisdom

Spelling Word: adage
Read [Esc] (66)
(اٹل) extremely hard; inflexible; stubbornly unyielding

Spelling Word: adamant
Read [Esc] (67)
(اپنانے) make fit for; change to suit a new purpose

Spelling Word: adapt
Read [Esc] (68)
(کرلیا) something added or to be added, especially a supplement to a book

Spelling Word: addendum
Read [Esc] (69)
(لت) compulsive physiological and psychological need for a substance; being abnormally dependent on something

Spelling Word: addiction
Read [Esc] (70)
(سڑا) muddle; drive crazy; become confused

Spelling Word: addle
Read [Esc] (71)
(ہنر) expert at; very skilled; having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude

Spelling Word: adept
Read [Esc] (72)
(التزام) stick fast; stick to firmly; be compatible or in accordance with

Spelling Word: adhere
Read [Esc] (73)
(پکشپاتی) person who adheres; one who follows or upholds a leader, party, cause

Spelling Word: adherent
Read [Esc] (74)
(متصل) adjoining; neighboring; close to; lying near

Spelling Word: adjacent
Read [Esc] (75)
(acetic) something added on or attached generally nonessential or inferior

Spelling Word: adjunct
Read [Esc] (76)
(نصیحت) warn; counsel someone against something to be avoided

Spelling Word: admonish
Read [Esc] (77)
(سجانا) enhance or decorate with or as if with ornaments

Spelling Word: adorn
Read [Esc] (78)
(قابل) skillful and adept under pressing conditions

Spelling Word: adroit
Read [Esc] (79)
(چاپلوسی) excessive flattery or admiration; unmerited praise

Spelling Word: adulation
Read [Esc] (80)
(ملاوٹ) make impure by adding inferior or tainted substances

Spelling Word: adulterate
Read [Esc] (81)
(آمد) coming or arrival, especially of something extremely important

Spelling Word: advent
Read [Esc] (82)
(آگنتک) accidental; casual; not inherent but added extrinsically

Spelling Word: adventitious
Read [Esc] (83)
(مخالف) opponent in contest; someone who offers opposition

Spelling Word: adversary
Read [Esc] (84)
(برعکس) in opposing direction; harmful or unfavorable; acting or serving to oppose

Spelling Word: adverse
Read [Esc] (85)
(مصیبت) state of misfortune, hardship, or affliction; misfortune

Spelling Word: adversity
Read [Esc] (86)
(شہر کی آواز) support; active pleading on behalf of something

Spelling Word: advocacy
Read [Esc] (87)
(ایڈووکیٹ) speak, plead, or argue in favour of; plead for; push for something

Spelling Word: advocate
Read [Esc] (88)
(جمالیاتی) elegant or tasteful; of or concerning appreciation of beauty or good taste

Spelling Word: aesthetic
Read [Esc] (89)
(ملنسار) easily approachable; warmly friendly

Spelling Word: affable
Read [Esc] (90)
(متاثر) speaking or behaving in artificial way; emotionally stirred or moved; infected or attacked

Spelling Word: affected
Read [Esc] (91)
(ہلفنامی) written statement made under oath

Spelling Word: affidavit
Read [Esc] (92)
(الحاق) partnership; alliance; association in the same family or society

Spelling Word: affiliation
Read [Esc] (93)
(نسبت) natural attraction, liking, or feeling of kinship; relationship by marriage

Spelling Word: affinity
Read [Esc] (94)
(اقرار) positive assertion; confirmation; solemn pledge by one who refuses to take an oath

Spelling Word: affirmation
Read [Esc] (95)
(تکلیف) cause or condition of pain, suffering, or distress

Spelling Word: affliction
Read [Esc] (96)
(حالی) abundance; a plentiful supply of material goods; wealth

Spelling Word: affluence
Read [Esc] (97)
(توہین) insult; offense; intentional act of disrespect

Spelling Word: affront
Read [Esc] (98)
(ایجنڈا) items of business at a meeting; list or program of things to be done or considered

Spelling Word: agenda
Read [Esc] (99)
(aerie) collection; heap; act or process of gathering into a mass

Spelling Word: agglomeration
Read [Esc] (100)
(aggrandize) increase scope of; extend; intensify; make greater in power, influence, stature, or reputation

Spelling Word: aggrandize
Read [Esc] (101)
(اجماع) gather into a mass, sum, or whole; amount to

Spelling Word: aggregate
Read [Esc] (102)
(aghast) struck by shock, terror, or amazement

Spelling Word: aghast
Read [Esc] (103)
(چپلتا) mentally quick; moving quickly and lightly

Spelling Word: agility
Read [Esc] (104)
(تحریک) cause to move with violence or sudden force; upset; disturb

Spelling Word: agitate
Read [Esc] (105)
(agnostic) one who is skeptical of existence of a god or any ultimate reality

Spelling Word: agnostic
Read [Esc] (106)
(زراعت) pertaining to land or its cultivation; relating to agricultural or rural matters

Spelling Word: agrarian
Read [Esc] (107)
(تتپرتا) cheerful promptness or willingness; eagerness; speed or quickness

Spelling Word: alacrity
Read [Esc] (108)
(کیمیا) medieval chemistry; magical or mysterious power or process of transforming

Spelling Word: alchemy
Read [Esc] (109)
(alcove) nook; small, recessed section of a room

Spelling Word: alcove
Read [Esc] (110)
(ارف) assumed name; another name; name that has been assumed temporarily

Spelling Word: alias
Read [Esc] (111)
(الگ تھلگ) cause to become unfriendly or hostile; transfer property or ownership; isolate or dissociate emotionally

Spelling Word: alienate
Read [Esc] (112)
(agglomeration) providing nourishment; concerned with food, nutrition, or digestion

Spelling Word: alimentary
Read [Esc] (113)
(ہرجانے) payment by a husband to his divorced wife, or vice versa

Spelling Word: alimony
Read [Esc] (114)
(امن) calm; pacify; reduce the intensity of; relieve

Spelling Word: allay
Read [Esc] (115)
(کا الزام) state without proof; assert to be true

Spelling Word: allege
Read [Esc] (116)
(بیعت) loyalty to a nation, sovereign, or cause; fidelity to any person or thing; devotion

Spelling Word: allegiance
Read [Esc] (117)
(روپک) symbolic representation of abstract ideas or principles in narrative, dramatic, or pictorial form

Spelling Word: allegory
Read [Esc] (118)
(خاتمے) provide physical relief, as from pain; make easier; remove in part

Spelling Word: alleviate
Read [Esc] (119)
(alimentary alliteration) repetition of beginning sound in poetry

Spelling Word: alliteration
Read [Esc] (120)
(مختص) assign; distribute according to plan

Spelling Word: allocate
Read [Esc] (121)
(مصر) combine; mix; make less pure; lessen or moderate

Spelling Word: alloy
Read [Esc] (122)
(اشارہ کرنا) refer casually or indirectly, or by suggestion

Spelling Word: allude
Read [Esc] (123)
(رغبت) attract with something desirable; be highly, often subtly attractive

Spelling Word: allure
Read [Esc] (124)
(abrasive) in or into a high place; high or higher up

Spelling Word: aloft
Read [Esc] (125)
(جھگڑا) noisy quarrel; contention in words; dispute carried on with heat or anger; controversy

Spelling Word: altercation
Read [Esc] (126)
(پرپکاری) unselfishly generous; concerned for others

Spelling Word: altruistic
Read [Esc] (127)
(amalgamate) combine; unite in one body; mix or alloy a metal with mercury

Spelling Word: amalgamate
Read [Esc] (128)
(گھمنڈ کرتے)) collect; gather for oneself, as for one's pleasure or profit

Spelling Word: amass
Read [Esc] (129)
(ambidextrous) capable of using either hand with equal ease

Spelling Word: ambidextrous
Read [Esc] (130)
(ماحول) particular environment or surrounding influence; atmosphere of environment

Spelling Word: ambience
Read [Esc] (131)
(مبہم) unclear or doubtful in meaning

Spelling Word: ambiguous
Read [Esc] (132)
(ambivalence abstruse) state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes, such as love and hate

Spelling Word: ambivalence
Read [Esc] (133)
(ٹہلنا) moving at an easy pace; walk slowly or leisurely

Spelling Word: amble
Read [Esc] (134)
(ambrosia) something with delicious flavor or fragrance; fruit dessert made of oranges and bananas with shredded coconut

Spelling Word: ambrosia
Read [Esc] (135)
(aloft ambulatory) able to walk; formed or adapted for walking; not stationary

Spelling Word: ambulatory
Read [Esc] (136)
(گھات) disposition or arrangement of troops for attacking an enemy unexpectedly from a concealed station

Spelling Word: ambush
Read [Esc] (137)
(بہتری لانا) make or become better; improve; grow better

Spelling Word: ameliorate
Read [Esc] (138)
(amenable) responsive to advice or suggestion; responsible to higher authority; willing to comply with; agreeable

Spelling Word: amenable
Read [Esc] (139)
(ترمیم) change for the better; improve; remove faults or errors

Spelling Word: amend
Read [Esc] (140)
(خصوصیات) convenient features; courtesies

Spelling Word: amenities
Read [Esc] (141)
(ملنسار) good-natured and likable; lovable; warmly friendly

Spelling Word: amiable
Read [Esc] (142)
(دوستانہ) exhibiting friendliness or goodwill; not quarrelsome

Spelling Word: amicable
Read [Esc] (143)
(کمی) out of proper order; not in perfect shape; faulty

Spelling Word: amiss
Read [Esc] (144)
(سوہارد) friendship; peaceful relations, as between nations

Spelling Word: amity
Read [Esc] (145)
(بھولنے کی بیماری) partial or total loss of memory, usually resulting from shock or illness

Spelling Word: amnesia
Read [Esc] (146)
(مستثنی) general pardon granted by government, especially for political offenses

Spelling Word: amnesty
Read [Esc] (147)
(amoral) lacking moral sensibility; not caring about right and wrong.

Spelling Word: amoral
Read [Esc] (148)
(amorous) moved by sexual love; loving

Spelling Word: amorous
Read [Esc] (149)
(amorphous) formless; lacking shape or definition

Spelling Word: amorphous
Read [Esc] (150)
(درمیان amphibian) able to live both on land and in water

Spelling Word: amphibian
Read [Esc] (151)
(رنگبھوم) oval building with tiers of seats from central open space or arena

Spelling Word: amphitheater
Read [Esc] (152)
(کافی) more than enough in size or scope or capacity; fairly large

Spelling Word: ample
Read [Esc] (153)
(کاٹنا) cut off part of body, especially by surgery; prune

Spelling Word: amputate
Read [Esc] (154)
(تابیج) object worn, especially around neck, as a charm against evil or injury; charm

Spelling Word: amulet
Read [Esc] (155)
(amorous analgesic) serving to reduce sensibility to pain without loss of consciousness

Spelling Word: analgesic
Read [Esc] (156)
(مثل) comparable; similar or alike

Spelling Word: analogous
Read [Esc] (157)
(قياس) similarity in some respects; comparison based on similarity

Spelling Word: analogy
Read [Esc] (158)
(اراجکتاوادی) person who seeks to overturn established government; advocate of abolishing authority

Spelling Word: anarchist
Read [Esc] (159)
(اراجکتا) absence of governing body; state of disorder; political disorder and confusion

Spelling Word: anarchy
Read [Esc] (160)
(ابشاپ) solemn curse; someone or something regarded as a curse

Spelling Word: anathema
Read [Esc] (161)
(اصل) family descent; series or line of ancestors; lineage

Spelling Word: ancestry
Read [Esc] (162)
(لنگر) secure or fasten firmly; be fixed in place; narrate or coordinate

Spelling Word: anchor
Read [Esc] (163)
(ذیلی) serving as aid or accessory; auxiliary

Spelling Word: ancillary
Read [Esc] (164)
(اپاھیان) short account of amusing or interesting event; short narrative; secret story of history or biography

Spelling Word: anecdote
Read [Esc] (165)
(انیمیا) condition in which blood lacks red corpuscles; deficiency of red blood cells; lack of vitality

Spelling Word: anemia
Read [Esc] (166)
(سنویدناہاری) substance that causes loss of sensation; producing temporary loss or impairment of feeling

Spelling Word: anesthetic
Read [Esc] (167)
(حسرتیں) agonizing physical or mental pain; extreme suffering

Spelling Word: anguish
Read [Esc] (168)
(زاویاتی) sharp-cornered; consisting of an angle or angles; stiff in manner

Spelling Word: angular
Read [Esc] (169)
(اینی) having life or vigor or spirit; filled with activity; in form of cartoon

Spelling Word: animated
Read [Esc] (170)
(دشمنی) bitter hostility; active hatred; hostile feeling or act

Spelling Word: animosity
Read [Esc] (171)
(anodyne) feeling of enmity or ill will; attitude that informs one's actions; disposition

Spelling Word: animus
Read [Esc] (172)
(تاریخ) chronological record of the events of successive years

Spelling Word: annals
Read [Esc] (173)
(انیکسی) append or attach; take possession of; incorporate into an existing political unit

Spelling Word: annex
Read [Esc] (174)
(نیست و نابود) destroy completely; reduce to nonexistence

Spelling Word: annihilate
Read [Esc] (175)
(وضاحت) comment; make explanatory notes

Spelling Word: annotate
Read [Esc] (176)
(وارشیکی) annual payment of allowance or income; periodical payment, amounting to a fixed sum in each year

Spelling Word: annuity
Read [Esc] (177)
(annul) make or declare void or invalid; reduce to nothing

Spelling Word: annul
Read [Esc] (178)
(anodyne) source of relaxation or comfort; medicine that relieves pain

Spelling Word: anodyne
Read [Esc] (179)
(ابھیشیک) apply oil or similar substance to; put oil on during religious ceremony as a sign of sanctification or consecration.

Spelling Word: anoint
Read [Esc] (180)
(ویشم) deviating from normal or common order, form, or rule

Spelling Word: anomalous
Read [Esc] (181)
(اسنگتی) irregularity; person or something that is unusual; departure from normal or common order

Spelling Word: anomaly
Read [Esc] (182)
(گمنام) state of being nameless; one that is unknown or unacknowledged

Spelling Word: anonymity
Read [Esc] (183)
(عداوت) active resistance; condition of being an opposing principle, force, or factor

Spelling Word: antagonism
Read [Esc] (184)
(antecede) precede; go before in time, and sometimes in place, rank, or logical order

Spelling Word: antecede
Read [Esc] (185)
(پوروورت) preceding events or circumstances that influence what comes later; ancestors or early background

Spelling Word: antecedents
Read [Esc] (186)
(antediluvian) antiquated; extremely old and ancient; belonging to very ancient times

Spelling Word: antediluvian
Read [Esc] (187)
(ترانہ) song of praise or patriotism; song of devotion or loyalty

Spelling Word: anthem
Read [Esc] (188)
(anthology) book of literary selections by various authors

Spelling Word: anthology
Read [Esc] (189)
(اینٹینا anthropoid) manlike; resembling a human, especially in shape or outward appearance

Spelling Word: anthropoid
Read [Esc] (190)
(anthropologist) one who studies history and science of mankind

Spelling Word: anthropologist
Read [Esc] (191)
(anthropomorphic) having human form or characteristics

Spelling Word: anthropomorphic
Read [Esc] (192)
(anticlimax) letdown in thought or emotion; decline viewed in disappointing contrast with previous rise

Spelling Word: anticlimax
Read [Esc] (193)
(antidote) medicine to counteract a poison or disease; agent that relieves or counteracts

Spelling Word: antidote
Read [Esc] (194)
(antipathy) strong feeling of aversion; dislike

Spelling Word: antipathy
Read [Esc] (195)
(فرسودہ) too old to be fashionable, suitable, or useful; obsolete; aged

Spelling Word: antiquated