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Grade 10: Quiz Card - 8
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 Grade 10: Quiz Card - 8
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read [Esc]  n. one who, or that which, defends or protects; defense; protection

Spelling Word: safeguard
read [Esc]  n. quality of being sagacious; quickness or acuteness of sense perceptions; keenness of discernment; shrewdness

Spelling Word: sagacity
read [Esc]  n. scholar; man of learning or science; one eminent for learning

Spelling Word: savant
read [Esc]  a. of a brilliant red color

Spelling Word: scarlet
read [Esc]  v. write or draw carelessly and in a hurry; doodle; meaningless marks and lines

Spelling Word: scribble
read [Esc]  v. free from fear, care, or anxiety; not have reason to doubt

Spelling Word: secure
read [Esc]  n. soldier placed on guard; guard

Spelling Word: sentry
read [Esc]  n. meeting devoted to a particular activity; time for school to hold classes

Spelling Word: session
read [Esc]  n. a herder of sheep; someone who keeps the sheep together in a flock

Spelling Word: shepherd
read [Esc]  n. seat, especially a royal seat; throne; rank; grade; sitting before a fortified place; surrounding or investing of a place by army

Spelling Word: siege
read [Esc]  n. device to separate larger objects from smaller objects, or to separate solid objects from a liquid; utensil for separating; coarse basket

Spelling Word: sieve
read [Esc]  a. unique; extraordinary; being only one

Spelling Word: singular
read [Esc]  a. messy and dirty; careless and excessively casual

Spelling Word: slovenly
read [Esc]  v. show contempt by turning up the nose, or by a particular facial expression; speak derisively; show mirth awkwardly

Spelling Word: sneer
read [Esc]  n. nickname; familiar name for person, typically shortened version of given name

Spelling Word: sobriquet
read [Esc]  a. worried or concerned; full of desire; expressing care or concern

Spelling Word: solicitous
read [Esc]  v. assume to be true without conclusive evidence; engage in buying or selling of a commodity for profit

Spelling Word: speculate
read [Esc]  n. magnificence; Great light or luster; brilliance; grandeur

Spelling Word: splendor
read [Esc]  v. extend; stretch; spread; sit or lie with the body and limbs spread out awkwardly

Spelling Word: sprawl
read [Esc]  v. reject disdainfully or contemptuously; scorn

Spelling Word: spurn
read [Esc]  v. interrupt or cut off voice; keep in or hold back; suppress; conceal or hide

Spelling Word: stifle
read [Esc]  a. loud and harsh; insistent; high-pitched; rough-sounding

Spelling Word: strident
read [Esc]  v. present obstacle; stump; cause to fail or to leave hopelessly puzzled, confused, or stuck

Spelling Word: stymie
read [Esc]  a. occurring or taking place in person's mind rather than external world; unreal

Spelling Word: subjective
read [Esc]  n. pretense; something intended to misrepresent

Spelling Word: subterfuge
read [Esc]  a. brief or compact; by clear, precise expression in few words

Spelling Word: succinct
read [Esc]  v. submit to an overpowering force; yield to an overwhelming desire; give up or give in

Spelling Word: succumb
read [Esc]  a. being beyond what is required or sufficient

Spelling Word: superfluous
read [Esc]  n. watching; inspection; close observation of a person or group; supervision

Spelling Word: surveillance
read [Esc]  a. indicated or understood without expressed directly; not speaking; silent

Spelling Word: tacit
read [Esc]  a. silent or reserved in speech; saying little; not inclined to speak or converse

Spelling Word: taciturn
read [Esc]  n. strategy; policy; plan for attaining a particular goal

Spelling Word: tactics
read [Esc]  v. make dirty or spotty; stain; dull the luster of; discolor, especially by exposure to air or dirt

Spelling Word: tarnish
read [Esc]  a. tiresome by reason of length, slowness, or dullness; progressing very slowly

Spelling Word: tedious
read [Esc]  v. be abuzz; be full of; move in large numbers

Spelling Word: teem
read [Esc]  v. tie with rope; fasten or restrict with rope or chain

Spelling Word: tether
read [Esc]  n. subject of conversation or discussion; topic; essay

Spelling Word: theme
read [Esc]  n. wood or collection of trees, shrubs

Spelling Word: thicket
read [Esc]  a. worn through till threads show; wearing old, shabby clothing; shabby and poor

Spelling Word: threadbare
read [Esc]  n. expanse of land or water; system of organs that perform a specialized function; leaflet or pamphlet

Spelling Word: tract
read [Esc]  n. going from one state of action to another

Spelling Word: transition
read [Esc]  n. payment in money made by one ruler or nation; tax; mark of respect; praiseworthy quality

Spelling Word: tribute
read [Esc]  n. a spear with three prongs

Spelling Word: trident
read [Esc]  a. characterized by unrest or disorder

Spelling Word: turbulent
read [Esc]  n. wealthy and powerful businessperson or industrialist; magnate

Spelling Word: tycoon
read [Esc]  a. lacking conscience; greatly exceeding bounds of reason or moderation

Spelling Word: unconscionable
read [Esc]  a. not easily deciphered; not able to be read or understood

Spelling Word: undecipherable
read [Esc]  a. short-handed; clandestine; marked by deception

Spelling Word: underhanded
read [Esc]  v. write under something else; subscribe; assume financial responsibility for; guarantee against failure

Spelling Word: underwrite
read [Esc]  a. awkward; lacking grace in movement or posture

Spelling Word: ungainly
read [Esc]  a. impossible or difficult to pronounce correctly; very difficult to pronounce correctly

Spelling Word: unpronounceable
read [Esc]  n. instrument, implement, or container for practical use, especially in kitchen or laboratory

Spelling Word: utensil
read [Esc]  a. streaked, spotted, or marked with a variety of color; very colorful

Spelling Word: variegated
read [Esc]  n. a variety show with songs and comic acts etc.

Spelling Word: vaudeville
read [Esc]  n. rapidity or speed of motion; swiftness

Spelling Word: velocity
read [Esc]  n. state of being near in space or relationship; proximity

Spelling Word: vicinity
read [Esc]  n. unbordered picture, often a portrait; decorative design placed at beginning or end of book or chapter; short literary sketch

Spelling Word: vignette
read [Esc]  n. act of vindicating, or state of being vindicated; defense; evidence or statements that justify a claim or belief

Spelling Word: vindication
read [Esc]  v. treat in a violent manner; abuse; do violence to; disturb; interrupt

Spelling Word: violate
read [Esc]  n. a person's employment or main occupation; career or profession

Spelling Word: vocation
read [Esc]  v. hazard on the event of a contest; stake; engage in, as a contest; adventure, or lay out, for hire or reward; hire; employ

Spelling Word: wage
read [Esc]  v. reduce or eliminate gradually, with knife; cut small bits off

Spelling Word: whittle
read [Esc]  v. shrivel; decay; lose freshness, vigor, or vitality; loss of moisture

Spelling Word: wither
read [Esc]  n. exaggerated or abnormal fear of strangers or foreigners

Spelling Word: xenophobia
read [Esc]  n. gentle breeze; west wind; any of various soft light fabrics, yarns, or garments

Spelling Word: zephyr
read [Esc]  n. a piece of orange or lemon peel, used to give flavor to liquor; something that gives or enhances a pleasant taste; appetizer

Spelling Word: zest